Streaming vs ripped music

So I have a Node 2 going into an RME dac and stream Amazon HD. Yesterday I ripped 5 or 6 of my faves that I stream from the CDs. Put this onto a thumb drive and into the back of the Node. I think this definitely sound better than streaming these same songs. Anyone tried this and what was your findings? 
@mofojo ,
If you can run direct ethernet, all the better.
There is another thread here on Agon regarding the insertion of optical between ethernet. The benefit being that it isolates/removes noise.
I used an optical cable from a Mac mini to a dac. I honestly can’t tell a difference between streamed and ripped CDs typical music coming off the Mac. 
My ripped CDs using a 432 Evo Aeon server , Holo May KTE dac is clearly more enjoyable then streaming though perhaps I should look into critical changes like member Grannyring is using for his streamed music ,

I don’t know , what I’m currently hearing with well recorded music is incredibly thrilling and the best I’ve have experienced in my home so far but I’ll give it another shot ...