Streaming vs. CD

Is the digital signal of a server like Tidal of higher quality than that of a CD?
CDs are far from dead. What is dying is computer audio as streaming has taken over.
As long as there are CDs and LPs to play, they will stick around for the foreseeable future.

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What is dying is computer audio as streaming has taken over.

Darn it, I didn't get the memo about this!  Or maybe "computer audio" is something different than what I consider computer audio.  I spend a lot of time at my computer(s) and have two full systems with integrateds, DACs, and headphone amps at both.  Most of the music I listen to on the computers is streamed through Qobuz or Tidal, which I think sounds great.  Oh, both systems also have a turntable in them.  And speakers.
i am thinking of dropping my Tidal subscription but keeping my Spotify just to find some new stuff. if i than hear something i like i will buy a Flac download through Quboz or Band Camp. its just nice to have the file if you are up in Nepal away from the internet, which crashes constantly  and i am supporting the Artist
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i just compared some lossless tracks from Tidal to the same tracks of my hard drive in FLAC.  hard drive wins hand down.  more atmospheric, harmonic decay.  good bye streamer, hello Quboz and Presto download store.