Streaming vs. CD

Is the digital signal of a server like Tidal of higher quality than that of a CD?
streaming services like Qobuz offer three levels of audio quality:

-  MP3 320 KBPS (compressed like Spotify)
-  FLAC 16-BIT / 44.1 KHZ (this is CD quality)
-  FLAC 24-BIT UP TO 192 KHZ (hi-res, better than CD)
They offter the same SQ and enoyment. I will buy the CD I think is I like the most. The rest will all rely on Tidal or Qobuz streaming. Saving shelf space and constantly get the new release update. Modern recording quality is much than before. So I can enjoy the HiRes (at least 96khz/24bit). It cost you only $20/month. Well worth it.
to be honest, my ears can’t really tell the difference in a blind test between my SSD library of CD's connected to my Lumin streamer or the sound from Tidal and I’m not talking their MQA stuff. I will try Qobuz sometime this year, many have said their catalogue needs to catch up to Tidal’s offerings, and Tidal's offerings suit me just fine.
I use Tidal and I cannot tell the difference.  I hard wired my modem using CAD6 cable to my Apple TV hard wired CAD6 up the back of my receiver.  I wonder if I would hear a noticeable difference if I used a Blue Note to stream?