Streaming to outboard DACs - file format issues


I recently purchased a Node2i and prefer the qualities of my original Peachtree Audio Dacit over the built-in DAC (bottom end on Dacit is significantly better to my ears). I’m streaming to my DAC via Coax, and from my research the Dacit supports high res file formats via Coax.

However, I’m having trouble streaming high res files from various platforms. For example;

1. AmazonHD: Files won’t play. I can play the simple HD and lower files no problem, but none of the UltraHD play
2. Spotify: All files play
3. Tidal: Even with my settings set to Hifi and not MQA (the Dacit is not MQA compatible), some songs play and others don’t. Anything with a ’masters’ tag is 50/50 playing. This doesn’t make sense to me since I have my settings not to play MQA.

Is this just streaming in general? Are my issues with an older DAC or is it streamer based? I have some time to return the Node2i but would like to know where the issue lies before I do that, or buy a new DAC; is this a streamer or DAC or platform issue?

Thanks for your time,

You could try using the Node 2i analog output to help narrow down the problem.
With the Node2i analog out, every file plays. 

The problem seems to be when using Coax and external DACs. 

You cant stream a high res file from coax 24 192 is the highest u can get from coax
I don’t see anything about settings, but some devices need to be told it’s OK to send more than Redbook (44/16). Also, check to be sure you have the latest firmware.

You might also want to try the optical out.

So all coaxial out is limited to 24/192? What would be the best way to make use of external DACs when streaming hifi?

I'll see if the files that won't play are higher res.

Just did a bit of research on the Peachtree Audio Dacit originial - it seems that it can only support 24/96 via digital inputs (optical can do 24/192). 

Could this be the issue? the DAC itself?
Sure, the DAC probably is the limiting factor, but whether it’s of any consequence or not depends on you. It’s quite uncertain whether anything higher than 24/96 adds value or sound quality to the experience. Some say they hear it; but most blind tests show the reverse. I don’t claim I can hear it. In fact, some (not all!) of the best recordings I have are Redbook quality.

Even the respected critic Anthony Cordesman says he can’t hear any improvement above 24/96; and Mark Waldrep of AIX has said he’s concluded that 16/44.1, if optimally resampled and dithered in production, is fine for distribution.

So, I’d say, relax and enjoy!

I myself agree and tend to find that the sound qualities of the DAC (or speakers, amp, etc.) will make a bigger impact on how I enjoy my music. The resolution is nice but I doubt my ears can hear a difference on my system (I’ve blind tested and couldn’t tell the difference between 96 and 192, fwiw).

However, the problem is that Amazon HD wants to send the higher res file possible to the node2i, so there’s no way for me to throttle it down to 24/96 (or even lower for that matter), which I would if possible and enjoy my current DAC (it sounds very musical and full to my ears - maybe just tuned to my preference)

I’v’e been looking at a few DACs that support up to 24/192, but doesn't mean I'll enjoy them as much as my current setup. 

How can you say external DACs when you only mention one?

Just askin’.

Besides my Node is the only one of my 5 streamers that DOESN’T have the option to up OR down sample to any output rate.
It doesn't like to pass 24/96 files from Qobuz either. Oh well. All of the others sound better anyway.

I mostly want to make sure that when I buy another DAC, I'm not having the same issues (I have a dragonfly, but that's USB). 

It seems most dacs support 24/192, but my Peachtree Dacit doesn't. 
My DAC supports it. I thought I remembered the Node playing them before but it doesn't now. Could be a crappy update. Email Lenbrook.
fuzztone - your outboard dac? Seems that most dacs now support up to 192. The original peachtree doesn't. 

Since I'm streaming hifi from Tidal and Amazon HD, the 192 files just won't play. 

If I use the dac that's in the node2i, it plays any file I throw at it. 
Upon further research, it seems that the Dacit should be supporting data at 192. So something might be wrong with the Node2i that it is not sending high res files through?

Or maybe I'm missing something about using external dacs and streamers. 
Yeah, both the Node 2i and Dacit should support 24-bit / 192kHz out and in over coaxial, so if things are working from the Node 2i analog output I'm not sure where the problem is coming from.

You might try troubleshooting with some alternate gear, or reaching out to the manufacturers to see if they have any ideas.
both Tidal and Amazon have not provided any meaningful support - just generic answers about going into my settings. I've done that but still have issues. 

I've written PeachTree to see if they have any insight. 

Just want to make sure it's not my Node2i, which I can return if it is. But difficult to pinpoint. 
To add to the confusion...

Almost 99% of the Tidal streams, set to Hifi, will play. However, some songs will have pops along the way. I would typically assume this is related to a bad connection somewhere. I can replay the song, and there is a pop every time. 

Now if I switch to high quality instead of hifi, the pops go away. 

Does this sound like I have a deffective node2i?