Streaming Tidal through Bluesound Node 2 vs Oppo 105D

I've been streaming Tidal through my Oppo 105D (with some bugs), but with MQA I'm wondering if the Bluesound Node 2 would sound better.  Has anyone compared the two?

I've got the Node 2.  It streams Tidal great over WiFi but the DAC in it is not great, which you would expect for $500.  There is a lot of confusion about whether the Node 2's DAC does a complete decoding of MQA. 

I use the Node 2's digital out into my Esoteric K-05 and I still think that a cd played on it sounds better than MQA streamed into it.  Again, that doesn't surprise me for $500.

I own an Oppo 95 and think that my K-05 sounds better than the 95 but I haven't compared it to the Node 2.

Hope this helps.

+1 tomcy6, the Bluesound DAC is okay, but you can output using an optical cable to your preferred DAC for better sound reproduction.
My Schiit Yggy is much better than the Bluesound-though I can't fault it at its' price. I don't own or know of the Oppo so I can't give any help there.
The best part of the Bluesound is being able to wirelessly connect my stereos around the house-Which it does flawlessly.
Since the Yggy is $2300 - it really should sound better.

Comparing it to something in a similar "snack bracket" - I found my Schiit Bifrost, with the 4490 upgrade, was not as good as the Node 2, which provided much better imaging and reproduction of delicate venue acoustics.

I stream music directly from my NAS drive, but I am still to try the various streaming services.

Can’t comment on the Oppo, never owned one - sorry

I just got a Schiit Gungnir and was impressed-It certainly beat out my Modi and Bifrost. Unfortunately, I heard an Ayre Codex, and had to have one. It should be here next week. I hope to compare the two.
Bob, that's awesome  on the Codex. I know that you loved it when you auditioned it at Johnny's.  Did he tell you when it will be in? I"m surprised as i know he has one in stock.  I'm sure that if you want it today, he'd let you have that one as he can easily sell the one you ordered.  
@ctsooner , I feel kind of bad, but I got one here on Agon. I know I should patronize local dealers, but I really can't afford to buy new. Just waiting for my lottery ticket to come in.
I find it a bit unusual to see someone comparing a $5000 CDP with a $500 streamer/DAC. Actually, Node2 can function as a full preamp/streamer/DAC with MQA feature to boot, if someone wanted to take full advantage of what it does. Best bang for the buck. Regarding the choice of output ports, the optical output is actually is the least desirable of the three with the RCA being best, coax very close second and optical the worst. This is according to the Bluesound helpdesk. No idea about Oppo. Ayre Codex is also supposed to be another best bang for the buck piece. Being eyeing one for some time...
Bob, it's all good.  The only reason a dealer would be upset is if you demo with them and buy elsewhere new.  Johnny just wants you to love your system.  HE's there for you I"m sure.

Yes, the Codex is a special DAC and to my ear is better than all the DAC's under 7k I've heard and I've heard many of them.  

Personally, if someone is trying to get the best sound quality out of their system, they shouldn't be using the preamp in the node or any other DAC.  You can get a cheap NAD preamp (actually they are outstanding) and have a much better sounding system.  Those little Bluesound deals are outstanding values based on my listening.