Streaming Spotify vs Tidal

Hi, perhaps you can help, a litlle background. I have been steaming Spotify for a number of years and love it except perhaps the sound quality. I stream to my main system which has both Spotify and Tidal built in, and to my networked Bose HT systems and lastly through my phone to my car. My question is does Tidal have the same great connect-ability that Spotify has? If you have used both do you recognize a difference in sound quality? What has your experience been with Tidal? My streamer does not do MQA, not sure about my other devices either. Thanks for your help! 


In order for Tidal connect to find your devices, your devices need to support it (eg - Bose would need to implement it). Bose is not listed as supporting Tidal connect on Tidal's website.

Tidal connect support is not as common as the similar Spotify connect. 

Tidal offers higher audio quality than its competitors, including Tidal HiFi and Tidal MQA, and this helps attract high-end audiophiles and artists to explore music with Tidal. To get Tidal downloads offline on my desktop, I would use AudFree Tidal Music Downloader instead of subscribing to the Tidal Premium Plan.

It helps us to download high quality music from Tidal, regardless of whether we are using a free or premium account. This way, not only can we download music from Tidal to our computer at 5x the speed, but we can also convert Tidal to FLAC, MP3, WAV and other audio formats for proper playback. Afterwards, we can listen to Tidal music offline on any other device we like.

Thanks to all for the constructive feedback. In the end I kept them both, each has their strong points. For my main system, I love Tidal. For everything/everyone else, Spotify.