Streaming Spotify vs Tidal

Hi, perhaps you can help, a litlle background. I have been steaming Spotify for a number of years and love it except perhaps the sound quality. I stream to my main system which has both Spotify and Tidal built in, and to my networked Bose HT systems and lastly through my phone to my car. My question is does Tidal have the same great connect-ability that Spotify has? If you have used both do you recognize a difference in sound quality? What has your experience been with Tidal? My streamer does not do MQA, not sure about my other devices either. Thanks for your help! 


In my cars I notice a varying degree of improvement with Roon/Qubuz and directly streaming Synology NAS FLAC files to their Auto Android/Apple Play app. My F150 has the lowest road noise and a "good" sound system and the improvement is easy to hear, but for convenience and safety I only use apps that integrate with AA/ACP.  I don't want/need Tidal.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think for on  the go audio and my HT systems, I'll stick with Spotify, it works great and is feature rich. For my main system, I do have a small collection of DSD downloaded albums that I send to my streamer via USB and JRiver, it works great but I have not been able to find a good selection of music, mostly classical and smooth jazz. So maybe a subscription to Qobuz or Tidal? My taste leans towards classic rock. Again, I appreciate the feedback! 

Just reread my above post, I need to clarify, sorry.

I would keep Spotify and subscribe to Qobuz or Tidal for my main system only, if that makes more sense.


Installed Tidal on my phone and PC as well as my HT systems. I realized an immediate improvement in SQ as I bounced back and forth between the two apps and Tidal was a significant upgrade to my main system. Thanks to all who posted with their thoughts.