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looking for help choosing between TIDAL and QOBOZ
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I have both mainly for variety and selection, but if I had to choose only one it would be Qobuz. I generally prefer the sound of Qobuz 
hi-res over Tidal MQA.
After several years with Tidal i tried Qobuz on a free trial and switched to Qobuz for SQ. I used them both with Roon and consider it an essential part of the UI experince.
I would like to complement everyone who has responded to this thread. Usually you have put up with a lot of &%+?*. Audiophiles sharing valid  opinions and experiences is what this forum should be about! 
Another vote for Qobuz.  I started with Tidal last year, but then Qobuz offered a hi-res subscription for $15/mo. that I tried and never went back to Tidal.  As far as I’m concerned, Tidal can keep their MQA.  As a picky audiophile I’m more than happy with the sound quality I’m getting from Qobuz.