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Like many of you fellow Agoners I am striving to get the best sound quality out of my digital streaming front end. To that end I have invested in various high end switches, re-clockers, ethernet cables, various USB filters/re-clockers, high end servers and delved into fiber optic conversion configurations. All of these measures did improve sound quality at varying levels. I felt my system sounded as good as a decent CD transport on many streaming recordings in Qobuz. However, I still felt there was something missing. I felt my system was still being held back. You can see my system under virtual systems here.

Well, I stumbled across something that has finally enabled my digital system to be all it can be. I cannot fully express the level of sound quality improvement realized with the addition of the Network Acoustics ENO Ag filter and ENO Ag streaming ethernet cable. It has been 10 days now since I added these to my system and I can now confidently say my streaming and system are all they can be sonically.

Here is the set up that has caused me to sell off and move past many other powered filters, reclockers, fiber optic options, and other streaming tweaks and gadgets. Frankly, the ENO additions are miles ahead of these other options sonically in my system and experience. Miles. This is my personal experience and please understand this perspective.

Netgear NighHawk modem/router power by an LPS > Supra cat 8 ethernet cable > English Electric 8Switch > Network Acoustics ENO Ag streaming cable > ENO Ag ethernet filter > Innuos Zenith III > Mojo Audio Evo dac

The English Electric 8Switch is also wonderful. Will a lower cost, standard switch sound as good in this set-up? Not sure as I have not tried. I am so ecstatic with my sound system that I don’t want to touch it!

There is a certain rightness from top to bottom that’s intoxicating. The tone is so beautiful and natural with no hint of electronic glare or digital artificiality. Music flows with far greater ease and has an uncanny, unforced nature to it. The stage is far deeper with the music flowing from a plane that is layered and completely separate of the speakers. This aural sensation, at this level of nuance, is new to my system and experience. The ENO products made this possible.

Instruments are presented with a new realism that is arresting to my senses. There is a wholistic presentation that spreads out all around me and my space. Just a joy to experience. Yes, the speakers seem to float the music into my space without any attention or localization of the speaker box or physical presence.

No part of frequency spectrum is out of place or forced. I am sure this has to do with the absence of noise. My music is equally articulate and resolved at low or loud volumes. Music stays controlled and enticing no matter how complex or bombastic the recording.

The ENO filter is passive, not powered, so there is no need of any power supply or plug. This is a huge plus.

Hope you streaming audiophiles find this helpful.

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I love it when well-educated and seasoned audiophiles gush about a new product. You know that there’s real substance behind the accolades and not merely newbie exuberance. Very well written review indeed!

I want to give a shout out to the owner (Rich Trussell of Network Acoustics) for exemplary business ethics. I use a Sonore opticalRendu streamer in my digital chain where the opticalRendu utilizes a fiber optic interface for noise reduction. I sent an email to Rich a few weeks ago asking him if ENO would add value. He basically told me to save my money since the opticalRendu is already doing a similar job. How refreshingly honest!
Yes, I have to agree that shows Rich at Network Acoustics is a man of integrity.  
+1 for the ENO Ag. I added the matching Ag cable which is the best I've ethernet cable I've had in my system as well. Great product and allowed me to sell my EtherRegen which was giving me dropout issues. I now paired with a Gigafoil V4 no longer have connectivity issues and better SQ. 

Try www.small green
Hi Alex.  I also sold my EtherRegen.  In ENO sounded best and by a good margin in my system. Hooking the EtherRegen ahead of the ENO in series did not sound nearly as good as the ENO alone 
Boo on SGC. They couldn’t ever get a UltraRendu to stream anything. Sent it back after wasting time.
+1 On the ENO. I went with the CU. Hand wound OCC. Definite improvement. When I went with ViaBlue AG RJ-45’s it took the music to another dimension. I grabbed a VisBlue USB A/B too.
Made me question buying 3 new carts in the last year. A cartridge in this price range doesn’t make anolog sound as good to me.
Another vote for ENO Ag Filter and Ag LAN cable. Rich is a class act, nothing but great customer service experience.
I want to give a shout out to @mwgreene for introduction to ENO.
@grannyring I see that you also have an English Electric 8Switch in the chain, which I'm assuming was added prior to the ENO. I was just wondering whether you noticed any noticeable improvement in SQ when you first added the 8switch. If yes, how would you rate the 'wow' factor compared to the addition of ENO later on?

Also, have you tried to remove the 8Switch from the chain to evaluate the ENO on its own?
So the ENO is basically an RF reduction device that uses chokes to filter the input.  In the post by @arafiq below, he reports that the ENO designer told him a fiber optic interface does basically "a similar job" of noise reduction as the ENO.  

That comment leads to my question of whether any ENO users have directly compared it to a fiber optic interface - and how did the two compare sonically? 
If I may, the OpticalRendu is the only device I know of that has an optical SFP port actually built into it, so that you can plug an optical cable directly into it. I’m sure there are others.A fibre optic interface that uses two media converters going from RJ45 to optical and then back to RJ45 to the streamer is a different thing.
All active devices emit noise, including optical to RJ45 converters. We have users with these media converters that get a big improvement, as eloquently described by Bill, by adding an ENO filter between the media converter and the streamer.
Thanks for the clear answer Rich, and for weighing in on this forum.  I am actually using 15M of fibre optic for my main link between my router and my system.  There is one converter at the system, which I power with a large (overkill) LPS and then a very short Ethernet/CAT8 cable from the converter to the streamer/server.  When you say,
All active devices emit noise, including optical to RJ45 converters.
I assume you include switches too?  Therefore, what I believe I hear is the optimal set-up is to have the ENO be the last device prior to the streamer - correct. 

I have gotten to know Bill over the years through these forums so I do have a level of trust in what he hears, which is why this thread interested me.  Where would be a good place to purchase the ENO in the USA?
Very much so, noise and switches. Switches are great, they do partially isolate noise from an input to an output, they are your friend. An ENO filter on the output of the switch to your streamer is the ultimate place.
You can buy from us directly on the website. Free postage. 30 day returns. We’re open to suggestions for a good US distributor.

Yes the ENO filter is right before the Innuos server.  The EE 8Switch was added first and I really liked it on its own.  Better than the SOTM switch I sold and better than the EtherRegen.  The ENO after the 8Switch really was the game changer. The two work great together based on my experience. 
@grannyring (Bill), thank you very much for taking the time to detail all the products you've evaluated (owned in most cases) in pursuit of better and better streaming SQ.  It helps so many of us evaluate our options.

Like Mitch2, I've come to know Bill and very much trust his ears.  He modded my Lyngdorf 2170 and 2-way floor standers with simply outstanding results.  He chose the parts (caps, wires, resistors, inductors) but explained to me the rational for each.  Prior to doing the mods, he described the ways in which the SQ would improve and by how much.  Each mod turned out exactly as he described or, if anything--better.  I have Bill's Acoustic BBQ brand power cords, a usb and Duelund speaker wires also.

I've been doing some homework on ENO Ag this week and will be placing an order for the filter and possibly the cable too.  I have a Zenith MK3 and think it sounds incredible, but there seems to be a consensus forming around the notion that steamers sound even nicer when noise is removed from the network (if that is the right way to say it).

Also, thank you very much to @lalitk for his advice.  Messaging him about ENO was part of my 'homework'.  He gave great guidance based on his experience.

I also incorporated the ENO Ag into my system. Rich was extremely helpful in explaining some of the aspects involved. I went about it a little different. My router is 50' from my EMM NS1 streamer. CAT 8. I placed a switch at the router and another switch before the ENO Ag. Do two switches isolate more? I don't know. I do know with the ENO the noise floor is now lower, more articulation, darker background, and overall better musical presentation. @lalitk turned me on to this, and I am grateful. 
I had put this product on my watch list after @lalitk 's recommendation. Now @grannyring also recommends it. Two long time A'goners can't go wrong. Makes it more exciting.
I currently use a laptop to stream my audio file from a NAS and stream from Tidal - via a ethernet connection. Will the ENO make a difference, or should I not bother till I get a streamer?

I do recall our conversation about you stepping up to a dedicated streamer. I recommended ENO in that scenario or if you’re using a wired Ethernet connection (router to laptop). ENO’s potential is best realized when it goes between a dedicated streamer and your router or a switch.

A quick review of your virtual system tells me you’re using a USB cable between your laptop and Oppo DAC/player. I recommend using a device like Intona USB isolator would provide a uptick in SQ.

Let me know if I missed or overlooked anything.
Thank You for the details @lalitk.
So I have the laptop connected to the ethernet and then it sends the digits to the DAC via USB cable.So to use the Intona, we have to connect laptop the the intona and then the Intona to the DAC? The existing cable I have has USB Type-A on one end while the other is USB-B. Does this work with the Intona or does that need to be replaced as well?

You would need another USB cable to complete the loop with Intona. The device has host-side USB-B; device-side USB-A connectors.

Or better yet, you could try iPurifier 3 risk free from Amazon.


+1 on Intona, their cables are in a class of their own, too
I just added the Network Acoustics USB cable and to say I am impressed is a huge understatement.  Easily the finest USB cable I have heard in my system.  Their products are world class and a great find for those of us with streaming front ends.  

Great night of music! 

Thanks for sharing your impressions. Their USB and SPDIF cables are on my wish list :-)