Streaming SiriusXM is awful

I have tried streaming SiriusXM music to my sound system.  The sound quality is awful.  Is there any way to improve it?
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Sirius radio isnt known for its sound quality....its meant to give you an alternative to fm radio.

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there are other options for music streaming that are better in sound quality.
Their customer service is even worse!
SiriusXM doesn't even sound that good in the car. The local FM station is better. 
I agree Sirius XM sounds terrible.
I have Sirius in my car, tried the home, but dumped it, it's definitely not for serious listening, but nice for traveling and getting a wide-range of music, news and sports. The comedy channels are fun. But FM or even free Spotify sounds better. Nothing you can really do.
The sound quality under XM radio was far better. Once the merge took place, sound quality, took a direct hit (no pun).
The signal from the satellites uses lossy compression and nothing can really save it. The streaming signal has better SQ and some XM apps offer a choice of higher quality streams - but even the best isn't really hi-fi.
Thanks!  I have Qobuz.  It is like night vs day.
Can I get Sirius/XM that plays on my Mac desktop to my Squeezebox Touch?