Streaming Service's Library

I have never streamed or digitally downloaded any music. Always been a redbook CD kind of guy. I listen to a lot of artists that are not "main stream" and was wondering how you can see a download service's library without signing up? I don't want to pay the money if the majority of my music is not available.
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Many offer trials.
And, you can always sign up and cancel, should their playlists not work for you. I have found customer service in most of these services to be very responsive, should you have issues.
Spotify probably has the most complete list of artists, but doesn't offer high resolution streaming.
Tidal has a nice catalog, but is more focused on Contemporary artists.
Qobuz is more Classical geared, but seems to not have some of the artists that Spotify offers.
Most offer free trials 
That's like browsing the Netflix catalog without signing up. Not gonna happen 
Both Tidal and Qobuz offers free 30 days trial. You need to provide credit card when you sign up. Make sure to cancel the service you do not wish to keep before trial period ends otherwise they will charge the monthly fee and there are no partial refunds :-) 
I was hoping that I could do this without having to sign up and cancel each one. Oh well.
These services are in it for the money.
Cancelling is hardly the worst thing that can happen. In fact, if you hate it, you should know within a few days. That most offer 30 days is pretty generous.