Streaming Question....

Current setup....

Ipad to Rblink Arcam via Bluetooth.

Thinking of network streamer via ethernet cable and of course iPad as controller..

So my current SQ is determined by the sound output characteristics of the ipad and the onboard DAC on the RBlink...?
Vs. SQ solely on the proposed streamer and its onboard DaC ...?

Which sound do you think would ultimately be better?
Thank you
I don’t understand the question.  Right now your SQ is limited by using a Bluetooth DAC.  Any streamer using Ethernet or really good WiFi will probably blow it away.
Yes you are most certainly right...

As far as SQ. The Ipad is sending the Spotify Music to the Bluetoorh what I was getting at is the SQ is also determined by the Ipad too...just as a phone would have its own I have noticed the Ipad is the better of the two for me....

Bluesound Node 2i lets you stream wirelessly from the internet.  The BluOS app has Tune In with many hundreds of stations and Radio Paradise.  Add Tidal and you’re set.  You can also stream Bluetooth to the Node via apt x hd from your iPad.  All the system control is performed from your iPad.

Installation is simple, RCA’s to your preamp/receiver, plug in to power, connect to your wireless network with instructions included in the BluOS app.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Thanks! I have to assume now that wirelessly or via Ethernet cable will be far superior to my current setup which is Bluetooth and SQ that the Ipad puts out?

Wireless works great.  The Bluetooth apt x hd is superior to regular Bluetooth.
I have streamed some audio from you tube and was pleasantly surprisedity by the sound quality.
 I think you would be pleased with the Node 2i.
From my audition of the apt x hd it is definitely a step up from the previous generation of Bluetooth quality.  It still doesn’t compare with Ethernet or good Wi Fi.  It may be better than Air Play, but I’ve never used the latter with anything better than Apple TV, so I shouldn’t even go there.
  So Ish, if I now understand your question, you are asking if Streaming compressed Spotify files via Bluetooth sounds different from an iPhone vs an iPad. As it happens, I use Spotify when I travel, with B&W Bluetooth headphones, and alternate between my iPad mini and iPhone 8 as a source.  I can’t say that I have noticed any significant difference between them.  
@Mahler123Yes you got it....

So the take away is ...wired or ethernet is a definite benifit.

Oddly my enough my ipad sound is vastly superior to my phone in every respect....its warmer and has better bass and imaging....sounds crazy to discuss on such a device...but thats what my ears are telling me.
Cheers to good music and a pleasant evening.