Streaming or long interconnect for better sound?

I'm planning to use my iMac as a music server. The music is all in the Apple Lossless format.

I'm thinking of either (i) getting a USB DAC and use a long (15 ft) interconnect to hook it up to my integrated amp (Musical Fidelity A3.2) or (ii) stream music from the iMac to an Airport Express (AE) and connect it to an external DAC with an optical digital cable. As a DAC, I'm leaning towards the Musical Fidelity V-DAC.

While the AE solution is certainly more elegant, would it also sound better than the long interconnect option?

Thanks in advance.
You might look into a Logitech Transporter. It uploads files wirelessly from your PC into a buffer and then plays them. It does not stream which I think is something you want to avoid. It has a good DAC in it or you can add an external Dac.
If you decide to go with Airport Express (I did) remember that AE drops clock between songs causing some DACs to cut few seconds of next song before they get back in sync. According to thread:

V-Dac doesn't do it but be careful with other DACs.
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Thanks, guys. Is there a better way for streaming the music than AE? Ericjcabrera, what USB cable are you using?
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