Streaming newbie looking for guidance

I've been streaming using Airplay and Google Chromecast Music from a phone or Mac into my Topping D50s DAC.  Using Spotify, I'm not happy with the sound quality.  I have a Synology NAS with 25-30k lossless rips on it and I find connecting to and playing rips frustrating - the laptop, which is not connected to the NAS, has to be connected and so far, I've tried using iTunes and Synology's software, neither of which are easy enough with the external drive.

Ideally, I want the following:
- wipe my 2015 Macbook Pro (w/16GB RAM, 128GB SSD drive) mostly clean and use it as a music server/streamer
- connect the Mac to my DAC via USB
- using some TBD software on the Mac, index my rips, be able to create playlists and be able to control the playback using an iphone or ipad (ideally, the rips stay on the NAS, which is in another room - if not possible, I can make a copy of the rips, put them on an external hard drive and connect to the Mac via USB)
- stream Qobuz or Tidal to DAC via computer, again controlled by iphone or ipad

I want to try this first, see if my sound quality is better than Spotify is currently, and be able to play my rips easily.  Is what I'm proposing easy?  Am I missing anything?  Anyone have good suggestions on what software to index and control my rip library and be able to control the library from an external device?

Thanks in advance.
Just upgrading to Qobuz will make a big improvement and free to try.  Skip the more expensive Tidal with their poor interface and ridiculous MQA crap.  If all the futzing with separate drives, computers, etc. drives you mad just get an Innuos Zen Mini that you can load your CDs into and be done.  Upgrade to the better power supply later for a nice boost in sound quality.  Or just go right to the Zen and live happily ever after.  Best of luck in your quest. 
Ditch the Mac as a server and buy some audiophile equip. A hunderd dolla Ras Pi will sound better than a dirty computer.
I am going to take soix's advise and check out that Innuos ZEN Mini. 
That Innuos Zen products look interesting to me. Fit what my needs would be, server and streamer. I use a Mac mini as a server, but use a transport into the same DAC for critical listening. 

Also, an upgrade from Spotify would be necessary for improved sound quality.  I use Spotify as a streaming tool for identification of new music to purchase. Once my internet service is upgraded then I will purchase a dedicated server/streamer.
I moved from a Mac Mini to a Lumin D1 Mini and the improvement was significant.
Yes, the Lumin D1 Mini is another that fits my needs, A dealer I frequent when traveling (225miles away) is a Lumin dealer. Not heard any of there products however. 
Oh, thanks hanfrac for allowing my involvement. Hope you find what you need.
No worries at all.  I'm trying to figure this out and it's not at all obvious to me what path to follow.  I am starting to consider dropping the $$ on a dedicated device vs. repurposing my Macbook, mostly because I don't want to get lost in configuration and troubleshooting and so on.  Right now, I'm hearing I should look at the Node/Vaults and the Innuos.  Looking into the Lumin.  
Well I use the Pure Music software program on my Mac mini and Macbook pro. Def improvement over itunes playing back AIFF files. Works for serving not streaming.
Sounds like Pure Music doesn't work with Catalina.  Maybe the easiest thing to do is to get a Node2i, use it for a year or two, then realize I can spend a lot more money for other features and I'll have a better idea of what I like.

Not sure whether I try Qobuz or Amazon HD Music first.  Amazon definitely has a cost advantage.