Streaming music without a Laptop (or tablet, smartphone etc)

Is there a music server type component that can store music files as well as stream music from Tidal, Pandora and other internet sources? I know I can use my laptop but I have a lot of better uses for that and its not great as a source component in any case.

My DAC is a PS Audio Direct stream.

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Seriously this question has been asked about 50 times in the last 30 days do some research here there are pages and pages of recommendations.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried searching but found nothing that exactly addressed my question. Can you suggest a particular thread? It is gratifying to know however, that my question has some relevance and is not totally off-base.
P.S. I asked the same question on the PS Audio forum and was told no such thing exists.
This thread should help you:

Search any and all these: Aurelic Aries, Melco, Sonore microRendu, Bluesound, Aurender, Server, Network Player. Cheers,
I think Cocktail streamers might do this too.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I looked at the music vault and that was pretty close to what I had in mind. It includes a transport which I don't need as I have the PS Audio transport and you have to add a keyboard and display but otherwise will stream web audio to my DAC.

I will research the others as well.