Streaming music using Oppo 105

I have a Oppo 105 connected directly to my Bryston amp. I want to stream music through Magnepan speakers. Oppo supports Tital streaming app, but don't like the sound. Is there a way I can stream Spotify using this system?
 Thanks for any suggestions.
Not sure if you can but if you do not like the sound of Tidal via this method , you sure as sugar will HATE the sound of Spotify with its much lower streaming quality
I think you'd need to connect something to the Oppo - Bluesound Node 2i, Chromecast, etc.  But yeah, what uber said... Spotify is going to sound worse than Tidal.
Agreed. Oppo supports only Tidal. You'd have to use a streamer feeding into the Oppo (and thus using the Oppo as a pre- and DAC).

What quality level are you using for Tidal? Their HiFi and Masters options make a huge difference in quality over their default -- and definitely over what Spotify has to offer.
Thanks for the comments. I didn't know there were different sound quality options. I had a thirty day trial subscription so I am guessing I had the lower sound quality. It just sounds muffled. 
Tbh even the lowest Tidal streaming option offered should still sound pretty decent so not sure why it would sound muffled at all.

Perhaps something else is amiss?
I have stream Qobuz (just dropped Tidal) through Fidelizer Nimitra S server to Modwright modded Oppo Sonica DAC. Sounds amazing. 

Can also stream Tidal directly to OPPO without Fidelizer. Sounds good as well. 

Agree with others - Tidal SQ beats Spotify. Switched to Qobuz for classical selections. SQ similar to Tidal IMO. 
I was using my 105 to control my NAS when I had a problem with Bluesound (since resolved).  The SQ of 105 did not differ significantly from Bluesound, but I’ve since added a Bryston BDP3 3, which sounds the best, all into the same DAC.
With respect to Tidal or Spotify, you need some kind of renderer to play tha apps as the Oppo only has Tidal.  It could be a computer, if you have an old one laying around