Streaming music thru Apple TV or digital player

Has anyone compare the quality of music/sound of streaming music thru Apple TV (using a DAC) vs. using a digital player like the Bryston BDP-1. Is a digital player worth the money? Does a player produce better sound?
I haven't directly compared to the Bryston player but Apple TV is pretty good not quite as good as direct USB connection to my DAC but its certainly no slouch. They say a reclocker put between the Apple TV and the DAC makes a big improvement though I've yet to try. The convenience factor is very high as well with Apple TV. I think it would be a pain to have to put music on memory sticks to play back.
Are you limited to memory sticks or could you use a USB hard drive?
I have a 500 gig drive.
What brand of reclocker?

I have the first generation Apple TV, which has an internal hard drive. I feed the signal to the Benchmark DAC1 Pre via an AudioQuest OptiLink 5 Toslink cable. Other cheap Toslking cables I tried made the sound flat and thin.

I sold my Krell CD player after this.
I have 2 of the 2nd generation and find them convenient for streaming movies and Internet radio and sound quite good. That being said, keep in mind they resample audio to 48kHz unlike the Bryston. Although I haven't heard the Bryston I understand it's in another league altogether (at a significantly higher price).
I was looking at the empirical audio reclocker. It has a money back for 30 days guarantee.