Streaming Music through my home stereo

Ok, researching this streaming music thing is giving me a headache. I really know nothing about it. Right now I have my iPad connected to my Rogue Pharaoh integrated amp via a Y jack streaming Apple Music. It works, but I'm sure there's something better.
I've been a fan of Apple Music so I hate to change, but I keep hearing about Bluesound Node 2i. Is this piece compatible with Apple Music and if not what is? Is there something out there that I can control with my iPhone?

Thanks for the help...
The Node2i is airplay 2 compatible and the bluOS works on the iPhone but I don't think it can interface direct with apple music. Apple is working on their own end point. 
It appears Apple is pushing the Sonus Port on their site. Anyone have experience using this to stream Apple Music through their home system?
The simple solution would be to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth from the iPad to a Bluetooth receiver plugged into the Pharaoh using a stereo mini to dual RCA cable. That limits the quality of any files that are of higher resolution than MP3 or Apple Music's proprietary AAC format but if Apple Music is your primary source the quality should be quite acceptable.

Here are a couple of well-reviewed options at different prices. The Audioengine B1 has the advantage of using Bluetooth with APTX which should make a small but noticeable difference.
The most important thing by far with streaming is just to get the stream going. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake. You guys will understand when you get a little older. 

I don't know if you will ever be able to control it from your iPhone. But if you can get it to play a waterfall track that will probably help.
BluOS would certainly be a good choice for most music services but since Apple doesn't yet provide an API that would allow access by Blu it isn't an answer for someone who wants to use Apple Music. There are definitely other excellent choices of music services.
Why would you even want to use apple music? Isn't all their content compressed? I know it used to be.

Yes, Apple Music is compressed, just like Spotify and Pandora. The advantage of any of those services is lower cost and sometimes greater convenience compared to higher fidelity options, considerations of the different music catalogs aside. 
Enjoy.... I have a Vault 2i and love it.   It totally changed the way I listen to music...    Enjoy !!!
Got everything hooked up and it sounds great. Still learning to navigate through Tidal and BlueOS after being with Apple for a long time. 
 I went with the hifi package, but one question I have, is when you play an artist’s Top Tracks on BlueOS why does it show the same song multiple times? Why not just play / show the higher quality song? It’s annoying to hear the same song back to back. Is there something I’m missing to alleviate this issue?
 Please fill free to list anything else I Must Do to make this sound it’s best.
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