Streaming music- not the end all music solution but one main advantage?

I noticed here on Agon that there are audiophiles who dislike streaming and some who like it. Some who hate digital and only like analog (think turntables and vinyl). Many who hate MQA and some that really listen to many MQA titles. Also some who really like the technical superiority of some equipment over others and really dig specs and others who trust their ears more.
What I like about streaming is the VAST every growing list of songs, artists and albums I can audition. I cannot own all this music in my home library and I cannot add 50-100 new albums daily. To me, for one who puts music before the equipment, this is the greatest advantage of streaming music.... I am much much more exposure to music. I don’t need to own it, but after a listen to a new artist, new song or new album that the I MUST have, I can buy the digital download or the analog version. What say you...about streaming?

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Tidal and Quboz are NOT mp3 streaming, not even on the base tier I believe.
Do not confuse these two Premier services with the likes of Spotify or Pandora.

As Bob says, why diss it without having heard what a 24/192 stream can sound like?

I agree 100% on the exploration of new music, some I would never even have heard of never mind heard before!
Of course the music threads here help tremendously in that aspect too
I would say i am probably at a 50/50 mix of streaming and analog( vinyl/ cassette).
I do not waste time comparing one to the other as way too many variables,I just enjoy each as they come.

And if I really like something I streamed I may well seek it out on vinyl.
Can't say as I buy many new CD though of late.

Maybe I did not read fully but just took your diss of streaming to include ALL streaming , my bad.
Seriously take a free 30 day trial on Tidal and even their base 16/44 tier will put a smile on your face.

I resisted for years until I was persuaded to try by a few members here. Never looked back.

Yes it is $240 a year for the hifi tier but I think I now have about 1200 albums saved in my library over 2.5 years.
How much would those 1200 albums have cost to own in hard format? Way more and I likely would never have even heard of 75% of them if not for Tidal.
By all accounts the DAC in the node 2i is no different to previous generations, just the cable routing internal is better and the 5g wireless capability lessens chance of any dropouts.

However even though I had option of wireless on both my Aries and Ayon DAC I always ran hard wired so never had any dropouts.
Whatever you decide if you have ability to feed it a hard line I think you will be better off in the long run.
So if you are not even going to use a Node internal DAC and can run a hard line, then pick up a Node 2 from eBay around $300 max.
Bluesound into Bryston DAC while not giving you full MQA unfolding will still sound awesome IMHO.
I got bored this morning so I switched the Aries to wireless,( my router is less than 6 months old so 5ghz).
I honestly could not tell any difference going back and forth between wired and wireless.

Just a test as will be sticking with wired as I have a hub in my music room to feed both dacs, the tv and the bluray.