Streaming music- not the end all music solution but one main advantage?

I noticed here on Agon that there are audiophiles who dislike streaming and some who like it. Some who hate digital and only like analog (think turntables and vinyl). Many who hate MQA and some that really listen to many MQA titles. Also some who really like the technical superiority of some equipment over others and really dig specs and others who trust their ears more.
What I like about streaming is the VAST every growing list of songs, artists and albums I can audition. I cannot own all this music in my home library and I cannot add 50-100 new albums daily. To me, for one who puts music before the equipment, this is the greatest advantage of streaming music.... I am much much more exposure to music. I don’t need to own it, but after a listen to a new artist, new song or new album that the I MUST have, I can buy the digital download or the analog version. What say you...about streaming?

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What I love about streaming is the instant access.   I am on a couple of music forums, someone recommends something that peaks my curiosity (or else a review in a magazine), in the past I would order the CD and have to wait for it.
Now between Qobuz, Apple, and Amazon I can almost always find it.  It’s also great in the car, no more fiddling with CDs and jewel boxes.
  So it raises a question in my mind.  Is the instant access making me value it less?  I find that if the beginning of a piece doesn’t grab me, I tend to switch to something else.  If I purchase a CD, I am more patient, and I can point to a lot of discs in my collection, entire Outputs of Composers, where initial impressions were offputting but patience is rewarded with deeper appreciation.  If it’s easy to make a hamburger, we stop putting the work in to make a gourmet meal