Just started steaming and I can say it will be relegated to a bedroom system. Anyone using this as their main source is in big trouble. VINYL AND COMPACT DISC sound by far, much better. 
This article provides an accurate overview of the streaming experience these days I would say:
Adding a music streamer to my hi-fi system has been a revelation (and a frustration) | What Hi-Fi?
To me ripping from CD transport to HD, then playing/streaming from it to your dac, is far better than than streaming from a steaming service live or stored to a HD the to your dac.

Cheers George
I do have a rack for Digital Transport, self modded NOS TDA1541A DAC, tube phono EQ amp + tube integrated amp. It is just too big for bedroom. Instead, I have a small inexpensive Soundberry Audio's all-in-one music streamer which I bought from during its promotional sales last November. It has class-D output stage which is powerful enough for difficult-to-drive bookshelf size loudspeakers. The amplifier's DAC chip is delta-sigma type. For my understanding, delta-sigma DAC is just a silicon implementation of the "difference-sumation" mathematics functions. So, the sonic signature of the DAC chip really depends on the output amplifier circuits. The other important factor affects the sound quality is the clock jitters. According to the picture of its circuit board posted on its website, this DAC is driven by two high precision digital oscillators for 44.1kHz and 48kHz base sampling rates. This all-in-one network music streamer sounds better than my self modded (using OPA627 as IV stage and post-filter/buffer amp) Rotel RCD-990 which does not have a high precision crystal oscillator. I am using a pair of Tang Bang W8-1772 8" full range drivers in Dayton Audio's furniture grade cabinets. The size of cabinet is too small for this driver; but is great for bedroom. However, I can use the build-in parametric EQ software to run in its build-in Raspberry Pi4 to increase bass as well as attenuate mid to high frequency bands. The parametric EQ is simple to set up in the amplifier's build-in webapp (moOde Player). The resulting sound image is awesome. I am using Qobuz to stream HD music as well as the amplifier's webapp (moOde player) to stream music from my music library which I have created from my CD collection and stored in an USB3 SSD network shared drive. I have a Norah Jones CD "Come with me" ripped into ALAC album by using iTune. I compared the same album with 24-bit/192kHz streaming from Qobuz. There is not much difference in listening experience.
appreciate all the info on the digital side. Major changes in my digital front end on the way. 
Can't all music sources just peacefully co-exist.

As a newcomer to vinyl (rediscovering from childhood) I have been totally shocked at the range of quality in the pressings.

I got a new vinyl release as a Christmas present and its is borderline unlistenable out of the sleeve - BUT the MQA version from TIDAL is stunning in my room.

I got a Pink Floyd DSOM album as well - the SQ is stunning and while I cannot say it is better than MQA per say, I enjoy the process (re ritual) of putting it on my turntable, sitting down, and listening.

I sat down on Christmas eve to listen to show off Roon to my older father and had internet/streaming issues - I spent 45 minutes running around restarting modems and generally being pissed off.  

I listened to a new Brittish artist last night on TIDAL (Holly Humberstone) that doesn't have a full album out yet - never mind vinyl.

For me - both have their place.
I have read with interest all the responses here.  It is quite informative.

Some people have opinions cast in stone, while others have used their many years of experience to state their opinions.

What works for one, may not work for others, and everyone's system and musical likes are different.

I know people that swear the CDs were better than vinyl.  But when we looked at their systems, the CD player was way better than then analog system or the other way around for people that swore that vinyl was better than CDs.

Same is true for streaming.  much depends on what equipment and streaming service and internet provider (bandwidth) you are using.

For example.  in my system I have Audio Research DAC 9, Aurender music server/ripper/streamer, Triangle Art Maestro turntable and Zeus Cartridge setup into an Audio Research REF2SE phono stage.  I also use an excellent Pioneer Elite BDP-09 unit as a CD transport.  This all goes into my Audio Research REF 6 pre-amp and Audio Research REF 250 amps.  It's taken decades of upgrading and building my own equipment for me to get "there" with regards to music sound quality.

Let me tell you that I've ripped all my CDs into the Aurender unit, listened to the ripped CD playback, then listened to the same CD streamed via the Aurender. via Qobuz  They both sound wonderful, however, the CD playback via my CD transport sounds slightly better than the streamed version.  Again, they both sound wonderful.  one is slightly better.  Then, when I listen to the vinyl album playback and compare that with the CD transport and also the streaming digital playback.  The vinyl wins out every time.

It is funny when friends come by and listen.  We do this comparison and their jaws drop when the here the music via either process.  But, when I play the album, well, lets just say they really love it.  Now I've spent years getting my analog and digital playback systems to the "there" place for me, so I am very happy with them all.  Enough so that I can sit for hours and listen to either with a glass of wine , good book and a huge smile.

So, I'm not against either.  But, my point (despite) my rambling, is that it may be totally system dependent with a touch of appreciation of music intermixed.  

A good friend of my has an all Mark Levinson (excellent) system, with Martin Logan speakers.  He was using the Amazon music streaming service and enjoyed it.  Then, he bought a modest ($1200) Cambridge streamer and also signed up for Qobuz.  He listened to the Amazon service into the Cambridge and then the Qobuz into the Cambridge unit.  night and day difference.  He said that Qobuz absolutely was heads better than the Amazon service.

So, into the same system, the quality of the streaming service does indeed matter.  

Also, if your digital system including DAC isn't quite at the level you need it to be, then yes, you will hear a degradation is sound quality.