Just started steaming and I can say it will be relegated to a bedroom system. Anyone using this as their main source is in big trouble. VINYL AND COMPACT DISC sound by far, much better. 
The high end audio store refused to up sell JeffVegas on their premium server / streamer brands because it is just a waist of his money ,..imagine that , he did .
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This article provides an accurate overview of the streaming experience these days I would say:
Adding a music streamer to my hi-fi system has been a revelation (and a frustration) | What Hi-Fi?
To me ripping from CD transport to HD, then playing/streaming from it to your dac, is far better than than streaming from a steaming service live or stored to a HD the to your dac.

Cheers George
I do have a rack for Digital Transport, self modded NOS TDA1541A DAC, tube phono EQ amp + tube integrated amp. It is just too big for bedroom. Instead, I have a small inexpensive Soundberry Audio's all-in-one music streamer which I bought from during its promotional sales last November. It has class-D output stage which is powerful enough for difficult-to-drive bookshelf size loudspeakers. The amplifier's DAC chip is delta-sigma type. For my understanding, delta-sigma DAC is just a silicon implementation of the "difference-sumation" mathematics functions. So, the sonic signature of the DAC chip really depends on the output amplifier circuits. The other important factor affects the sound quality is the clock jitters. According to the picture of its circuit board posted on its website, this DAC is driven by two high precision digital oscillators for 44.1kHz and 48kHz base sampling rates. This all-in-one network music streamer sounds better than my self modded (using OPA627 as IV stage and post-filter/buffer amp) Rotel RCD-990 which does not have a high precision crystal oscillator. I am using a pair of Tang Bang W8-1772 8" full range drivers in Dayton Audio's furniture grade cabinets. The size of cabinet is too small for this driver; but is great for bedroom. However, I can use the build-in parametric EQ software to run in its build-in Raspberry Pi4 to increase bass as well as attenuate mid to high frequency bands. The parametric EQ is simple to set up in the amplifier's build-in webapp (moOde Player). The resulting sound image is awesome. I am using Qobuz to stream HD music as well as the amplifier's webapp (moOde player) to stream music from my music library which I have created from my CD collection and stored in an USB3 SSD network shared drive. I have a Norah Jones CD "Come with me" ripped into ALAC album by using iTune. I compared the same album with 24-bit/192kHz streaming from Qobuz. There is not much difference in listening experience.
appreciate all the info on the digital side. Major changes in my digital front end on the way.