Streaming? I know nothing about it, questions as to sound.

Would like to hear any knowledge/experience you have with streaming. What are the sources and units used to play in: is the sonic quaility audiophile/high-end or is it of FM or less quality, and is it full frequency/dynamic range or compressed? Thanks for your input.

You can read up on some of the recent threads for player recommendations.

As far as audio quality, only Tidal and Qobuz offers lossless CD quality or higher resolution which is definitely better than FM.
Streaming from Rhapsody and Spotify is compressed and equivalent to FM Stations.
Another source for high resolution streaming audio is Amazon Music HD. I’ve been testing it and am quite impressed. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member the additional cost is very reasonable. But what may be most important in deciding on a streaming service is which of the catalogs most nearly matches your musical preferences. Trial memberships are the way to explore that. The Ultra HD tracks on Amazon Music HD often sound better than the same CD in my system.
I feel a good server slash streamer is essential to streaming quality.

Bluesound Node can be a starter device.