Streaming from Peachtree Decco 125 SKY or PS Audio Sprout 100 via Bluetooth?


I am looking for an all-in-one integrated amp option to stream music.
It will be for a pair of small bookshelf speakers on my computer desk.

I could have missed some options, but I narrowed down my choices to

1. PS Audio Sprout 100 (no wifi, but stream via bluetooth, $700)
2. Bluesound Powernode 2i ($899 ish)
3. Peachtree Decco 125 SKY ($744 at the moment discounted from original $1000 I believe)

If you guys are on my shoes, which amp would you choose for music streaming amp?

I would prefer sound quality over functionality, and the price differences would not be a big factor as long as it is under $900 ish. Oh, and I do not mind buying a used one.

Thanks guys

I recently demo'd the Sprout 100 & know Peachtree Audio well.All of those choices are Class D amps & just can NOT compete with a good Class A/B amp...Google this:Audiolab M-ONE 80-watt Stereo Integrated Amp / Bluetooth DSD DAC....This amp will lay waste to the 3 choices you have,thank me later...
Wow! Thanks freediver! 

I also noticed this amp as an option, but was not sure about its performances due to its somewhat lower popularity! Audiogon users are so awesome lol
I've done a TON of research on all in one units up to $10,000.00..The Audiolab got some very very good reviews...You might also look for a Quad Vena first generation,not quite as good as the M-One but probably can be found around $500.00...Good luck & be sure to update after you land an amp...