Streaming from a PC and the need for more storage.

Hey now AG cats!

I finally made the plunge into high resolution music and are using the DAC on my Yamaha CD-S2100 player. They recommended downloading the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver along with the software  foobar 2000.There is other software from foobar that I downloaded to support native SACD and DSD payback too. I have a Kimber USB B cable running from my HP EliteBook 8570p and everything sounds quite impressive.

The Yamaha player feeds through a Black Jack Foz-SS sound stage expander to my old Nikko  NA-890 integrated amp, which I  bought  back in HS from Tech Hifi, which drives a pair of Ohm L2's, that have new woofers installed by John and his team in Brooklyn. Side note I own three pair of Ohm speakers...the other two are the famous Super H's and C2's with are in my HT set up.

Between downloading 24 bit flac music files from the Internet Archive, which I would HIGHLY recommend if you enjoy live  music recordings, and some music from HDTracks, which have included five Yes albums ;The Yes Album through Relayer and for only $36 buck too, Steely Dan Gaucho, Dylan's Desire; thanks Martin Scorsese, along with some opera and classical this all has happily led me to use up 128 GB of memory, with only 63 GB remaining on my PC.

So  the first question is should I integrate a NAS music service or just get a larger  jump drive?

What are the pluses and minuses and does music quality suffer?

Then there are also the music servers that  offer streaming capabilities, which I  may consider down the road. Many of these also come with a DAC/CD ripper but that does sounds a bit redundant to me as the DAC on the Yamaha is a  ES9016 from ESS Technology. This DAC in this set  up sounds substantial better than the one on my Oppo 105 player, even though the Oppo has the ES9018 chip.

The Cocktail Audio ND15 has caught my eye as an option but may be too much for me as I don't own an iphone or plan on shacking up with Alexa.

I am far more interested in native DSD and SACD for future high res down loads as the offerings continue grow.

As you may have already surmised I am the proverbial " mid Hifi" type of  guy.

Any  insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


My computer Guru added an external hard drive which has more space than I'll ever use. I don't remember the cost, but I'm sure it wasn't too expensive. That's it, you're computer will take care of everything from there.
Hard disk storage is super cheap, and easy.

I'd say go that route first.

Agree with Erik about the simplest and least expensive step's being more storage space. Just as an example, A Samsung 1 TB SSD drive in a Sabrent USB 3.0 enclosure will cost less than $150 including shipping. Lots of similar options out there.

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@orpheus10  @erik_squires  @sfar  thanks for the insights. I will check out the Samsung hard drive this afternoon. I may also buy the Audioquest jitterbug, as the majority of  reviews have been  favorable.
I should have added that whatever storage solution you settle on you need to get two of them, one as your working drive and the second as a backup of the first. I think it's wise to protect yourself not just from the failure of a drive or it's enclosure but also from fire, flood and theft.