Streaming for beginner

I have a PS Audio front end-- DMP disc player and DirectSteam DAC. Very happy with the resolution and performance, especially from my redbook cd collection. For those familiar with the DSD, it is upgradable via a network bridge card to become a dedicated streamer. When I bought this DAC, I was looking ahead to an eventual migration to streaming.
I also have a Spotify account, that currently only serves me as a companion to my iPhone during walks and exercise.

My question: assume my goal is to stream for convenience, simplicity, and achieve audio quality that equals or surpasses that of redbook cd’s. I am not looking to purchase music or download it for storage. What am I missing? I also have a dedicated iPad that can serve as the interface to the DAC/Streamer. Spotify also claims that streaming in high resolution is available on my account. Do I need anything else? Am I oversimplifying this?

I am a beginner when it comes to streaming, so please answer in simple terms since I will not be familiar with a lot of the services and components mentioned elsewhere in these forums. In fact, confusing enough for me that it is forcing me to ask here.

A lot of discussion of equipment and sources hear, but no one asked, and op never said, what music you like to listen to.  OP mentioned “convenience” as a goal.  If op’s listening is primarily classical, op will not love Tidal and Qobuz, and will come to hate Spotify.  If so, consider Idagio if redbook is enough, or Primephonic for hi-res.
Label, you’re right. I didn’t and should have.  80% of what I listen to is jazz, and a lot of that is female vocal jazz.  The rest is classical and opera.  
Lots of good discussion here for sure. I'm a musician,  playing trumpet 50 years.  Was a professional on the road in the 80's for 6 years. I have a BA in Music 1974. I direct and conduct an 18 pc Jazz big band. I've played in community orchestras and brass bands. My point, Live music is my reference point. 

This is not boasting or chest pounding. I really enjoy my little system. I'm a student of streaming too. Have not invested in a dedicated streamer, yet. Maybe will, maybe not. I've listen to Tidal on and off for some years. This year I tried Qobuz and very quickly heard the difference,  so + 1 for Q. I own the Project S2, even with the MQA capability,  I felt Qobuz just sounded better.

I've own a few dac's, sold them only to move on and try others. I may move on from the S2 at some point. I feel it's doing a very good job. I sold hi end audio 91-97. Got to play with alot of equipment. This too has added to my brains storage of auditory experiences. 

I'm a big believer in everything matters. Change 1 component, cables, power cords,etc I can discern the differences. Not going to go down that rabbit hole here LOL.

I' started with and am using Jriver.  I see it's a Roon discussion too. I'd like to try Roon, I ve read being audio only, it's easier to work with and many like the 'sound ' of it vs Jriver. If the price was closer to Jriver I'd try it.

I use a Windows 10 Dell laptop. I ripped a few hundred CDs onto a SSD drive. I have a Schiit Wryd with 2 if their USB cables. The Wryd does a nice job. Btw, I've read the Schiit usb cable is made for them by Straight Wire, If you buy the equivalent from S.W it looks like double or triple the cost from what I can see. These USB cables from Schiit are real sleepers IMHO.

Sidebar" I bought the iFi power for the S2. Read good feedback on it. I dont want to spring for their RPS it's close to 300. I'll see how the ipower works out. 

I'm listening to Amazon HD for a month. It's cheaper than Q or Tidal. I'll decide after 30 days if I'll keep the HD extra charge or not.

I agree Spotify is easy to work with, and agree it will never equal the other two. Amazon HD is the sleeper in the 3. I do agree with many here Spotify is perfectly fine for them and how they listen. I like Spotify in the car for that reason. I use a Schiit Fulla in my car, streaming from my Android phone highest quality and it really sounds darn good vs car radio etc. I stream Amazon HD in the car too.


Bluesound Node 2i is a great unit that sounds pretty good through its digital out into a good DAC.   The Bluesound App can be used on any platform and its easy to use...  im streaming  Qobuz right now through   my Bluesound Vault 2i  which is feeding a RME adi-2 DAC and it sounds awesome ....   could I hear a difference with a $3000 streaming front end?  I don't know,  but this Vault 2 sounds pretty good to me as my digital front end so to speak 
@oddiofyl Also Node 2i into RME ADI-2 DAC FS here. Sometimes headphones (beyerdynamic), sometimes balanced interconnects into MF M6si amp. Very satisfied.
Mostly Qobuz, but also a disk WD Passport with my ripped CDs, directly connected to Node 2i.