streaming devices, which would you buy?

Thinking of jumping into streaming. Although I love vinyl, streaming allows for continued listening and exploring new artist. Please share your experiences. My current system complies of Belles 200w Virtuoso amp, Audible Illusion Pre-amp, Linn LP 12, and Vandersteen 2 Sig. I need a good non amplified streamer with a decent DAC which can produce CD or better quality sound through RCA connection under $1500. Doing my homework, I have reduced my choices to but not excluding:
Bluesound Node 2I
Cambridge Audio CXN V2
 Audiolab 6000N
I would love to have a Naim but it's out of my budget. The Node for the price is so enticing but I also wonder about its sound. I will be using Audio Quest interconnects RCAs.
I can save some money buy buying a component without a screen since the controls are best from your hand held device, but assume that having a 32-bit capability will produce better quality sound. suggestion on streaming service is appreciated also. Thanks Audiophiles.
My experience is with the Node. The built in DAC is decent, but I use a MDHT Orchid with excellent results. The Bluos app is decent, but could use some improvements. I use Qobuz, and it seems most here prefer the sound quality over Tidal. 
I may be wrong about this, but I believe that the Audiolab 6000N with the DTS Play-Fi platform requires that music be streamed via another device such as a phone, tablet, or PC. Most streamers are able to get the music files on their own. (i.e., not via another device) and the other device is only used for control purposes. Apparently, this is a bit troublesome if you want to use that other device for any purpose other than delivering music to the 6000N streamer. Something to check out in any case. Try doing a search for reviews on either the 6000N or DTS Play-Fi.

With Covid, I also built up a digital streaming front end, having been mostly a vinyl listener for the past 32 years. I considered the Node 2i and the Cambridge CXN, but got a Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. The Node 2i interface is supposed to be excellent, but the Pro-ject was reported in some reviews to have better sound quality than the Node 2i. I might get a used Node 2i at some point to try this out for myself.

You also mentioned Naim. I did hear a Naim NDX 2 in the following system at a dealer: Naim NDX 2 network music player > Naim Supernait 3 integrated amplifier > LS3/5A speakers (local speaker maker). I left thinking that though it sounded good from an audiophile perspective with the traditional Naim virtues (PRaT in spades, transparency), there was something not so satisfying about the tonal quality of the sound. It seemed to lack ease and naturalness. To be fair, it could have been the Supernait 3 amplifier.

I mention the following since I see that you have a nice turntable setup & I have a decent idea of how it sounds based on your choice of the LP12, Audible Illusions pre-amp, Belles amp, and especially the Vandersteen 2Ce speakers. I would guess that you like a warmer, fuller sound. So these are some thoughts to getting the same type of sound as I think you like from your turntable.

You might be able to get better sound quality than the Naim streamers for far less cost. My impressions are that my current digital front end sounds better than what I remember of the Naim NDX 2 especially from the perspective of having a warmer, more analog like sound. It certainly sounds more engaging to me. My current setup is TP-Link RE230 Wi-Fi router (to create an ethernet access point) > Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable > Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra > Phasure Lush 1 USB cable > Denafrips Pontus II DAC. I was trying out a Qutest DAC and the Pontus II DAC. From a perspective of sounding natural, full and warm, the Pontus was so much better than the Qutest (which itself was no slouch in musicality) as well as surprisingly providing more detail than the Qutest as well. Perhaps this is more information that you are looking for, but sharing to help you on your digital journey. A Denafrips Ares II DAC might be a good stepping stone to a Pontus II. It was pretty warm and full in sound, but the Pontus is still a significant step up in analog-like attributes. You might consider a used Node 2i or Pro-ject Stream Box for about $300-500 to be able to get a better external DAC. The Pro-ject doesn’t seem to be in particularly high demand so you can definitely negotiate on a used one.
Also, FWIW, streaming is GREAT. The ability to hear about new music from someone and immediately be able to hear that music is an amazing new experience. I’ve been able to discover more new music in a week than I used to discover in a year.

Just know that digital is just as finicky as a turntable in setup and components to sound good.
  1. The Denafrips Pontus DAC was the first DAC I had heard that sounded anywhere close to the fullness and ease that I get out of my modest Linn Axis turntable with Benz-Micro MC Gold cartridge.
  2. Also, some USB cables sound better than other.
  3. Power matters, a lot. Certain power cables sound better than others
  4. I turned off WiFi and the HDMI output on my Pro-ject streamer to go to a hard-wired Ethernet connection and that made the largest improvement of all in terms of clarity (lower noise floor) and dynamics.
  5. Even the Ethernet cable made a very noticeable difference. 2nd only to going to the hard wired Ethernet connection.
  6. Qobuz sounds best of the major streaming services. Primephonic is next best. Spotify Premium is decent. Tidal sounds absolutely terrible and Amazon HiFi is not much better. If it is helpful, I can share my listening impressions of each of these services.
The reason why digital components (as well as power sources and interconnects) are important is not that the digital bits are any different, but all of these can reduce the amount of digital jitter and analog noise (RF interference, power line noise, noise picked up from components in the Internet signal path).

All of this was a bit of work, BUT happily listening to great sounding music while working all day...PRICELESS.

I hope this was helpful to you, though I know went far beyond your original question about streamers.
I think this is a good time to jump into streaming. I jumped in on my headphone system 15 years ago and in and out on my main system, until the last couple years when it has equaled my analog side. .

I have done laptops / DAC. But a real streamer is far superior and much quieter. I recommend looking seriously at Aurender... a used one may bring it down into your price range... or wait until you can. The real trick is to get a good enough streamer and DAC such that it is as satisfying as your vinyl. I have an LP12 as well, so it is a fairly high bar. But well worth the investment. For the cost of buying one LP or one CD you can have access to a nearly infinite amount of music (Qubuz is best streaming service)... much of it of higher resolution than Red Book CD. Aurender A100? They have many... used would be a good way to go. These are solid audiophile pieces of equipment.

My streaming ‘ digital end is as satisfying to listen to as my LP12...which is pretty high end. Well worth the investment.

My experience is with the Node. The built in DAC is decent, but I use a MDHT Orchid with excellent results.

This is exactly what I did and the sound is glorious. A separate DAC is necessary, and I like the R2R approach a lot. In your price range, another DAC like this that people favor is the Border Patrol and the Audio G-D. Also popular is the Black Ice DAC. These are things I've gathered by reading about them -- I have not heard them. So, FWIW.

Calvinandhobbes...following up on your note on the quality of the Denafrips DAC. I may have a future interest in a new DAC and the Ares II caught my eye on their website but it seems their primary dealer is in Singapore. Are you aware of any dealers in the USA? Thanks.
@tgilb No, the only dealer is Vinshine in Singapore.  They have contracted two people to do US service though:

​Sean Nauman
Licensed, Bonded, Insured WA Contractor
​Anacortes, WA 98221

Macon P.
Audio Service Tech
Certified Audio Tech
Adjunct Automotive Electronics College Instructor
SC 29150 USA

Thanks for the info on Denafrips. I’m not sure about ordering from Singapore so would have to give thst one some thought.

back to the main subject on streaming devises I use the Node 2i with Amazon HD and am very happy with the streaming capabilities  and the BluOs app also. I find the onboard  DAC to be very nice and would be ok if that was all I had but I do switch back and forth with a PS Audio DAC also. I do my serious listening to vinyl but as others have stated streaming opens a whole new world to discovering new music. It’s great if you don’t want to flip an album every 20 minutes or so and I find both the CD quality and HD quality songs to sound really good. Try it you’ll like it!

Check out the TEAC NT-505.  I own two of them.  Much better than Bluesound, or Bluesound + a DAC in my experience.
I third the Node 2i into the MHDT Orchid DAC. My Orchid was modified/upgraded by Grannyring and I use a tube adapter with a nice 7308 D-getter tube, glorious analog sound. If you add a hardline from your router, use a good quality PC to the node, it is a great option for digital play. (also give Qobuz a listen)
Would buy?
I bought 9, kept 5.
It all depends on what you wanna do with it what you have or want it to work with, how much you want to work for it and/or spend up for plug and play, how fussy you are for a play app, etc.
CD or better SQ is unobtainum for $1500.
32 bit huh?
Im new to streaming and non CD music. Im more confused more than before. Adding a streamer and a DAC is a little out of my capability. I don't live next to a big city/ stereo stores to visit and get educated. I guess I will have to keep reading and posting questions. Thanks for suggestions. keep them coming.
node 2i  $500 (use as streamer, digital out)
rca digital cable 1m  $75
mhdt atlantis with upgrade tube  $900 (new from linear tube audio)

hits your budget - will sound very nice

Lobinero...if you want to keep it simple at first just start out with the Bluesound Node 2i and a decent set of RCA interconnects at a price that you would normally budget for cables and connect it to your nice Preamplifier and see if you are satisfied with the sound.
if you are into upgrading your power cables Shunyata makes some nice 2 pin cables that will fit the Node starting at $135 and up.
The Node 2i and cables all can be had from Music Direct  or a number of other reputable on line sites. 
I also have Vandersteen speakers and the Node 2i sounds great.

if you want more from it after you put some hours in on the Nose 2i you have been given a number of great suggestions for DAC’s. 
I am not in favor of buying a streamer.

Just connect directly to the internet and to the streaming website, and use a computer with D/A converter to listen, and select music directly from the internet web site.

A lot of these steamers screw up the sound quality and have poor interfaces, IMO !
+1 jjss49's suggestions.

-1 on the idea that you just plug a computer in to stream. If you consider how much else is happening inside a computer to pollute the stream, you'll know why.

Multiple people will educate you quickly on this. Here are just two good sources.

“Just connect directly to the internet and to the streaming website, and use a computer with D/A converter to listen, and select music directly from the internet web site.”

Well, you certainly not hearing the superb sound quality offered by streaming services like Qobuz. 
hilde45 - great sources, good read!
tgilb - I like your suggestion. Start with the node2i listen for a while and then get a DAC. Get some decent RCA cable.

A question for node2I do you control volume once its connected to your preamp? through your preamp volume or the bluesound app?
lobinero... I have Audio set to fixed in the BluOS settings and control volume through my Preamp no different than when using the Turntable or CD player. It keeps it simple but you do have to have your Preamp remote nearby if you want to adjust volume while you are navigating your music through the BluOS app on your phone or pad. 
It's just a preference for me. You may find it more convenient to control audio in BluOS. It's just a simple switch in settings to turn the audio control on and off. 

just don't expect the Node to sound nearly as good as your Linn/AI, or as good or better than CD
jl35   never expect the Node to be better than my LP /AI however, although happy with my CD Marantz player, I want a way to explore new music and/or listen for a long time without having to turn a record.
Of the ones OP listed, CXN V2. I have the 851n in one system, and Cambridge just updated the user app and much better user experience now (not that it was bad before).
I have been using a Lumin T2 for nearly a year and have extremely satisfied with it. Before that I was streaming TIDAL through my OPPO 105. The sound quality is better and the ease of use is WAY better and I now have the choice of TIDAL or QBUZ. I use both. 
Then you are using the dac in the Computer which is crappy at best, most likely limited to 16/96 delta sigma infused with noise..