streaming DACs around $4k

Does anyone have experience with any of the following DAC/streamers:

Auralic Vega G1 
Lumin T2
PS Audio DirectStream JR

The features I want are:
Ethernet Connection - Plan to stream tidal and use NAS
MQA Full Decode - I stream Tidal MQA a alot
Good App - I don't see the need for roon and will not use roon
dac/streamer combo - eliminates potential jitter


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An alternative not mentioned is the Teac Reference NT-505 which uses the AKM 4497 chipset instead of the Lumin's ESS 9028 chipset.  It is a full featured streamer that is fully MQA capable and uses the Lumin app the same as their Esoteric branded family members.  It also has a full set of digital inputs to serve as a stand-alone DAC.  I also own a Directstream Sr. with the Bridge II and have owned a Lumin streamer. The Teac is half your budget but if you are interested in the Directstream it can be purchased inside of your target budget if you shop around. I also have owned the Sonica and any of the three Lumin, Directstream or Teac are a step up in abilities and app.  If I were in your shoes I would buy the Teac and put the $2000 difference in the bank.  
I bought mine a year and a half ago for inside your budget. With shipping  and taxes about a hundred dollars over.