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Well, I am in my 60's and I am not up on computer audio at all. Was thinking of trying a steaming service like Spotify, Tidal etc. I just bought a Samsung tablet and don't want to use my old laptop. Just looking for a simple but effective way to stream music from the internet, not looking to download or rip and store songs or lps etc. on a server. I know a little about the Sonos system. Are there other "boxes" so to speak to stream music into my traditional 2 channel integrated amp?
Bluesound Node
Will bluesound note give you better sound then using a usb cable from amp to computer?
Aries - this is a huge can of worms and to answer it depends on so many factors, like...
- what level of SQ are you hoping for
- what I the resolution of stations you want to stream
- is streaming Internet content your only aim
- what level of computer expertise do you have
- do you want to control playback remotely
- do you want multi room sound distribution
- and many more

The simplest and cheapest solution would be connecting the stereo audio outputs on your tablet to your audio system via a pair of reasonable quality interconnects - perhaps you should start here - just to dip your toe in the waters :-)

To improve sound quality, but keeping it relatively simple, you could get a dedicated player like the Bluesound Node, but then you are tied into their product line for future upgrades. But that may not be a bad thing if you want to extend the flexibility to multi room playback

Next level up in sound quality is using your laptop to connect to a DAC - either via a USB or optical connection.

If your sound quality requirement is just for "pretty good" sound, then there are many very affordable DAC's out there starting from around $100 that will suit.

If you are looking for audiophile grade sound - then it becomes much more complex/expensive/technical.

Take your time to assess your need/wants/desires first

The number of streaming products and options is dizzying.

There are many products from many companies, so if I were in your position...
- I'd take my time and get an idea of the available features
- then list the features I think I might like to use
- then go look for something that fits

If you have a smart phone - you could start by using something like this...

Or even an Apple TV

As I said - it can get complex real fast

Hope that provides some insight