Streaming Blu Ray Questions

It looks like the Oppo is the hands down favorite for Blu Ray. However I like the streaming capabilities of the other players (Panasonic, Sony, Etc). Oppo Does not have streaming as far as I know.

My question is two fold. #1 When these other manufactures claim they can stream, can they stream any video and audio you have on your computer? Can you just play something in Windows Media Player and stream it? Or can you only stream from a select few pre programmed selections (BD NET, Youtube, Pandora)?

#2 Why doesn't the Oppo have this feature? Do you envision them having it soon?

If you want a good quality player and streaming capabilities, what is the consensus to the best Blu Ray Player?
I believe with these players you can only stream internet content to a specific monitor of TV attached to that unit.

All of this can be done from a computer. I consider these standalone players with streaming capabilities fairly useless.

The WD live TV HD is another option for streaming several formats from your hard drive or from the web.

It is possible to rip Blu rays to hard drive in a compressd format and stream them from your Media center to other locations in the house.

Can't answer the question about the Oppo, but I would think its not going to happen.It will drive up the cost where there are better values with more options once you hit a certain price point. You can get a small PC that will do all of what you're looking for and then some for less than $500.