Streaming an aid to enjoyment

Although records, CDs and SACDs sound better on my system, I prefer to stream because I don’t get as involved in the SQ as much. My enjoyment is enhanced when I don’t expect to be wowed by the sound and just listen to the music. Streaming allows me to do this much better than other sources do. Not that streaming sounds that much inferior, it’s just that I allow myself to relax and concentrate on the music. I actually enjoy the sound more, too.
How about you?

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My streamer sounds the same as a red book CD, but much of the time my streamer sounds better because it is being fed higher Resolution files from Qubuz... Tidal is good also, just not as many high Rez titles.


In this day and age, if your CDs sound better than your streamer... time to look for a better streamer . You don’t have to go as far as I have to get there. Then you have nearly infinite music and suddenly all those discs are just collecting dust. Totally worth the time, effort, and cost. For the price of one CD per month you get nearly infinite music... the streamer starts paying for it. I have tried a few... I recommend looking to Aurender.
Innuos Zen for upgradeability
  • "My experience meanwhile is 180 degrees opposed to the OP. Anyone claiming that ripped CD sounds better than a Qobus HD stream most likely hasn‘t spent sufficient effort in tweaking their streaming setup. There are numerous threads here on improving streaming quality and inserting filters in the ethernet connection, using short high quality cables between filter and streamer, tweaking the router and obviously ascertaining you got enough bandwidth will result in streaming beating ripping by a coutry mile"
Agreed. Upgrading to an Innuous Zenith MK3, a separate gigabit ethernet switch with an Ifi low noise power supply, supra cat 8 ethernet cable, and an AudioQuest USB, improved my streaming immensely, way better than CD alone. Of course my dac and the rest of the system has a lot to do with that -- but I love it. Currently auditioning the ISO REGEN by Upton Audio. So far so good, the Bill Evans Trio is all but with me now.
I think most people agree that CDs shouldn’t sound better than streaming. There are clearly a number if variables to get there. I am sure  @Trmp350 s approach did the trick. But it need not sound that complicated. Replacing Ethernet switches and using an ISO Regen is not a requirement. At the highest level it is just get a high quality streamer... after that it is like all of high end audio... little tweaks help further improvements. 
I did not need to fiddle with my network other than to put in a plug in wifi repeater in an outlet next to my audio system and plug the streamer into that. But that was just because my router was on the other side of the house upstairs and I didn’t want to install an Ethernet cable in the walls.
Agreed!! Some tweaks worked, some made no difference, some couldn't hurt. All researched here, through reviews and a couple dealers I like. Ultimately, however, all components and tweaks were purchased  for my room and preferences. I didn't even know I could experience such good music/sound with a system I could afford before I found this forum. In my case, relying on local highend dealers would would have robbed of the pleasure of researching and experimenting  with this stuff.