I’m coming from 7.2 AVR, so my knowledge is lacking. To stream I need a streamer to connect to my DAC... if I want to stream Tidal what do I need to get? Seriously , I e seen the Streamrr/Dac combos, but If my DAC is seperate what is my best option? Decware Anp, Don Sachs Line Level, Denafrips Venus DAc, then what, all suggestion welcome
You should probably mention what your budget would be for a standalone network streamer. Also, there are many AVRs that include support for streaming Tidal, which might be the easiest approach for you considering you are already using an older AVR.
The cheap option- correction, the inexpensive option is a Bluesound Node. If you don't need wireless connectivity, just get any model. The Node 1 (cube shape) does what all the Nodes do, and can be had used for almost nothing. All you have to do is upgrade the firmware/ app.
The higher priced option is to go with an Aurender-though you are limited to Tidal and Qobuz. You'll get a more refined listening experience from the Aurender, but the Bluesound is no slouch, esp. for the money.
There are other streamers, but I have no experience with them.