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Happy holidays! I posted here 2 weeks ago about entering the streaming domain and got many helpful replies. I did get a used Bluesound Node2 and have been streaming Quobuz. I can't believe the sound, especially for such an entry level product, however I have been intrigued by the reviews of the Shiit Yggdrasil DAC. If I connect the Node2 to it would I get the full benefit or should I consider another streamer? A good friend has the Lumin T1 and I have heard the T2 is even better but as I say I the Shiit seems like the way to go. Thanks in advance for more replies, Joe.


The t2 does gave a usb input which can also be set as an put put


An amazing dac is the bricasti m3


It too has a network card and digital inputs


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Its a bit of a nuanced issue. At its simplest, the DAC has a greater impact on sound than the streamer. But a really well engineered DAC with well isolated USB input, and really good FIFO re-clocking will obviate the differences between most streamers (sources).

As to DAC quality - the BlueSound, while nice, and you like it, is a low bar. I have done extensive comparisons with the Schiit Modi 3 even (that’s the $99 one) and the Modi outperforms it, driven from a Mac.

As you probably know, i firmly believe the future of digital will be on computers, and the sooner you move to such a platform and then work out the kinks, the better. So a DAC (Denefrips, Yggy, Mytek, blah, your call) would be my string first priority. Get it right and you can fiddle around with what feeds it for ages.


Hey, people enter this hobby to mess around with setup. Here’s your chance to fiddle in digital :-)

Never, ever underestimate the sonic value of really good electrical isolation and jitter control. And don’t be fooled by the fact that everyone lists "galvanic isolation" of the input. There are good ($$$) ways and cheap ways to (not) accomplish this.


Evidence: I took an old DAC with SPDIF input. It was $4k in the day. Sounded OK compared to the same designer’s modern products at a similar pricepoint ($2800) and better than his $700 current product (With SPDIF). Then i built an installed (design! build! fix! drill! dremel! action!) a USB --> SPDIF/I2S interface board, built a really clean isolated power supply for it, made sure it had extensive jitter reduction, and installed. The 30 year old product rocketed to first place; maybe a shade behind the $2800 modern product, but with better "weight" to the sound, and maybe a shade less detail and 3-dimensionality. But this is 30+ years old!!!!


Its not magic. Its engineering. And care. yea, there are some unexplained mysteries in that digital feed, but every year they get smaller.



I own the Yggdrasil and give it two thumbs wayyyy up. 

what hasn’t been discussed to you so far is the ease of streaming with associated software. I own a Bluesound Node in a bedroom system, and the Beaty of it is bulletproof software that doesn’t crash and hardware that robustly comes back from being accidentally turned off (like with loss of power). The software interface matters a lot.

 I use an Aurender N100H with my Yggdrasil, and one reason I got it is that the controlling software was intuitive and easy to use, a bit more sophisticated than the Bluesound but with a steeper learning curve. This combo sounds much, much better than the Bluesound. However, when this unit loses power, the return to functionality is not graceful. Often several reboots are required, and I mean hard reboots. It is not possible to follow the software commands from a controlling iPad, as the unit doesn’t communicate after losing power. The Bluesound is a much more robust consumer product.

so my recommendation is to play around with controlling the server before you buy. 



The streamers job is to interface with the service in a robust way. 

Node2i is very stable and 0s and 1s are all the same really. 

Upgrading the DAC will make a big difference. 

Get a MQA DAC if you are interested in using Tidal 


Vinson totally wrong there is a very large improvement moving from anode to a real server


The cleaner the signal fed to the dac the better your dac will



We sell servers from 432evo the sonic

difference between models is easy to hear


Bit quality does affect a dac


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