Streamers with I2S connectivity

So I recently purchased a Denafrips Terminator.  Thanks to a kind gentleman on this forum for parting with his!!!  The consensus with this DAC seems to be that the I2S input is the best and the one you want to use.  I use a Node 2 streamer today.  I connected it via Optical and Digital Coax.  The Coax sounds just slightly better to my ears.  But I want a streamer now that has I2S output.  I'm finding very little out there.  I see the Wyred For Sound Music Server and that's it.  But I think there has to be more that I just haven't found yet.

Anyone know of others they can suggest?

*To Note:  I do not want to use a converter such as the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 if I can avoid it.  I don't want the extra cords and PSU's.....
The I2S is the best input for the Terminator.  I improved the USB output of an Innuos Statement with the Denafrips Iris DDC and not by a little bit.  
I haven't made any moves yet as I was waiting for the Denafrips DDCs to come out.  I'm still using a Bluesound Node 2i for a streamer so I'm looking at either the Hermes or GAIA since they accept Digital Coax input.  If I had a USB streamer, the Iris would be all I needed.  The Hermes and GAIA cover all streamer inputs so kind of future proof myself.  

A DDC is my expected next move, though.  
Hey snafujg, 

Just following up to see if you've added the DDC to your setup?  I'm awaiting the terminator and i'm interested to hear if the conversion to I2S is a noticeable improvement with the Node.  I've got the Node2 as well and like it's functionality, stability and ease of use.  Problem with looking at the Gaia or Aries now makes me think I should have gone for the T+ so I can get the benefit of the clock features.  Whats a few more bucks!!  :(
I use an Innuos Zen 3 into my Pontus via USB. Do I really need a Digital converter and use i2s instead? I heard that the sound would be leaner using the i2s?
I’ve not added a DDC yet. I’m actually now thinking of going with the Musica Pristina A Capella III. I’ve read a lot of great things about the unit and it uses I2S.......I’ll follow up when I pull the trigger.