Streamers with I2S connectivity

So I recently purchased a Denafrips Terminator.  Thanks to a kind gentleman on this forum for parting with his!!!  The consensus with this DAC seems to be that the I2S input is the best and the one you want to use.  I use a Node 2 streamer today.  I connected it via Optical and Digital Coax.  The Coax sounds just slightly better to my ears.  But I want a streamer now that has I2S output.  I'm finding very little out there.  I see the Wyred For Sound Music Server and that's it.  But I think there has to be more that I just haven't found yet.

Anyone know of others they can suggest?

*To Note:  I do not want to use a converter such as the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 if I can avoid it.  I don't want the extra cords and PSU's.....
Very few companies use I2s as a digital interface, Rokna does, think that the Aqua Hifi streamer does and perhaps Sonore.

You would get great perfformance via USB and using an Innous server.

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@snafujg  Congratulations on your Denafrips Terminator. I recommend waiting for the Denafrips Digital to Digital Convertor. Release date unknown at this time.

USB Input is very good. I would use it until then.

FWIW, the Node and cabling being used are likely more of a limiting factor than the input choice.
Cocktail audio has I2s also
My digital set-up includes an Antipodes DX server running Roon into a Metrum Ambre Roon endpoint.  The Ambre has an I2S output and my Metrum Adagio has an I2S input in the same configuration.  Metrum uses a regular Ethernet cable for their I2S so you may need a special cable with a compatible pin configuration.
Having a streamer and dac with I2s does you no good if they are not pin compatible. The safest bet whether or not it is your preference is the Matrix as it is somewhat configurable. Audiotroy from what I understand about the Aqua version of I2S from owning a La Voce for four years is that at the present it is only compatible with their transport and uses an ethernet cable rather than the more common HDMI cable. The thousands of Directstream dac owners can only use the DMP with it via I2S direct. Any streamer requires the Matrix.
Bricasti streamers with bridge uses I2S
Musica Pristina A Capella has I2S HDMI with pin compatibility to Denafrips Terminator. 
I use a Magna Mano ULTRA streamer for exactly this reason.  It uses the PS Audio spec for its I2S hdmi output.
@lxgreen What Bricasti model are you referring to?  I found the M5 network player, but it didn't have I2S...
Thanks to all for the responses so far, and to rdoc for selling me the Terminator. Loving it thus far. Blows away the dac in my Node 2, as expected.

I ordered a Wireworld Gold starlight 7 digital coax cable. That should help. I’m hoping the suggestions appear at Axpona this year for me to check out. I’m really wanting to avoid the Matrix converter if possible but may end up there in the end.....
2nd for Musical Pristina.  While I haven't heard it, it's been at the top of my radar.  They've built the whole streamer around i2s (HDMI).

I've got a Rockna Wavedream base model