Streamers with best apps?

I tried this question on an Australian forum with no luck, so I'm hoping a more audio savvy community might do better. I currently have a Cambridge Audio CXN which as I discovered has 2 hopeless apps when you want to find classical albums saved on Tidal My Collection. So thinking of ditching the CXN and getting another streamer/server , preferably without a DAC as I will be running it through a Pure Audio Lotus DAC 5. Most reviews of streamers seem to focus entirely on sound quality but as I have discovered the apps used are of almost equal importance. I have considered an Elac Discovery DS-S101-G which is controlled by a Roon Essentials app. So first question. Does anyone know how the Essentials app lists classical albums in Tidal My Collection and does it have a search function for the albums saved? Second question what streamers can you recommend that at least are equal and preferably better than the Tidal app which does have a search function but very little logic as to how it lists classical albums. I have thought about the Bryston BDP Pi, Innous Zen mini or an Auralic streamer but know nothing about the usability of their respective apps. So anyone out there who can help.

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I've tried remote control apps from Lumin, Aurender, BluOs and DCS.  I agree with lots of folks that voted for Lumin - although the sound quality of the streamer is more important to me.  I'm thankful that DCS recently upgraded it's remote control app to Mosaic as it narrows the gap of the other mentioned apps and I find it's all that I need. It makes available a wide variety of high SQ source options such as UPnP, USB, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Radio and some low SQ options such as Spotify and Podcasts.