Streamers under $1500

Any good streamers advice? I currently use Sonos Connect modded by Wyred4Sound. I am looking for better sound quality and good software like Sonos.

I was looking at the PS Audio Airlense when it was on sale, has anyone heard this one?


I agree with old Sonos sound. My Sonos amp and speakers are perfect. I switched to BlueSound since it has extra features, a really nice app, and power supply can be upgraded. I use my OPPO uhd 205 as my DAC and have a purple flare power cord and a Nordost coax. Instead of the Nordost just buy the upgraded linear power supply from Teddy Pardo. Ask around, it really makes a difference. Sometimes you can find people selling the older Node 2i with the upgrade for $600 which is a killer deal. After a few hundred spent. Take the rest and upgrade the DAC. It makes way more of a difference. Infact, I say keep your Sonos for now and buy a used DAC of your sound flavor. Once you have your digital foundation then test new streamers. If you do find the BSN with a linear power supply for $600 or less. The best part is if you upgrade to the newest NODE later you can still use the LPS. You will need the guts for the NODE/X which will run you about $150. If you are still hung up on a new streamer for less than $1k. A lot of my friends like the EverSolo A6. Great value for money but the NODE does have a few more features that the EverSolo does not have. I hope this helped. 

In my opinion,  the operating system and which music services it supports is extremely important for your enjoyment of a streamer.  I listen to Amazon HD and Idagio.  None of the high end streamers support both of these services.  Therefore,  I'm using a Bluesound Node as it does support the greatest number of streaming services including those two.  I did upgrade the Node with a TeddyPardo LPS,  which made a significant improvement in the SQ.  I'm using the digital out into my PS Audio Directstream DAC Mk1.  I  have to say that it sounds great,  with a wide and deep sound stage,  and great imaging. 

Innuos had a streamer hard drive that 

Starts at  afound $1500 it comes with a decent 

Smps power supply, they make a matching 

Linear power supply that make it sound much better stil

As a later ad on for $1500 thats the best quality option

I have seen , also there library app is very solid and sounds 

Very good ,better then Roon in sonics.

I have two questions for you:

1) As others have asked, what DAC are you running?

2) How much do you value listening to music on the go?


If you have a decent external DAC (and even better, a separate DDC feeding said DAC), and you’re interested in having good quality music while you’re on the go, might I provide a different kind of suggestion than what has been mentioned so far? I shopped streamers for quite a while before deciding on a different route that has worked out wonderfully for me--using a DAP (portable, digital audio player) as my streamer. Specifically I sought out a DAP that has remote control and digital audio outputs so that it can be hooked up to my DDC/DAC and then controlled from my listening sweet spot. As long as your streaming source can send digital audio bit-perfect to your DDC/DAC, then the quality of the analog output stage of your streamer/source is of little to no importance. Then the key thing is streaming service/storage format/file format support and easy of playback management.

Specifically, I would recommend a HiBy R6 Pro II portable audio player for these reasons:

1) supports both, USB and S/PDIF (optical as well as coax) digital output to external DDC/DAC

2) supports remote control via phone or tablet using the HiBy Cast app (it is a screen cloning/casting app with full touch-screen translation)

3) Android OS-based system, so any streaming app that is available on Android platform can be installed. I use Apple Music lossless, but of course there is full support for all the other major platforms (Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, etc.)

4) CRITICAL: Global bit-perfect output by bypassing Android OS’ built-in resampling. Without this feature, a DAP isn’t worth crap as a streamer. This particular DAP does have this (well, most DAPs do, nowadays, especially mid- and high-end models).

5) Global parametric EQ and plug-ins. Extremely useful DSP functionality that is critical for room-correcting your system. I use the parametric EQ to room-correct bass response and I use the balance plug-in to room correct for asymmetrical room layout.

All that said, I output audio bit-perfect digitally to an external DDC, which then sends audio via I2S to my DAC. My system has never sounded so good!

It then goes without saying that, because it is a portable audio player, I am able to take all my listening with me on the go. I commute into the office twice a week, and I used to listen to music using my phone and AirPods Pro. Now I use the DAP with proper audiophile IEMs which I further enhanced by using the global EQ to optimize the sound of the IEMs. The listening experience is leagues better than just playing through the Apple buds.