Streamers, servers, players - woefully overpriced??

Look at the insides of these devices. They have very standard parts, power supply may be abit refined but still basic stuff.  All this for questionable SQ benefits.  We are still in the digital domain.  
Dacs and amps are considerably more complex and may justify some higher pricing.

why is streamer area so hyped and overpriced?  All to buy a pretty box?  And I do want improved SQ but it is tough to see it.
Yep, most DAC/Streamers never show the <<guts>> and if we follow Kevin Deal's advice,,never buy anything unless you can take a  close inspection of the guts.
A policy I personally follow long before I heard Kevin make mention.
Besides many of these DAC/Streamers are so tiny, and weigh in at ounzes, hardly more than a  few lbs.
Look at Kenin Deals PL DAC/CD player, weighs in at over 28 lbs!!!!!!
As i menioned before i never fell for the DAC/Streamer thing.
I'm old school, from LP days, so the cd medium suits me perfect. 
I am about to makea  YT vid showing off the cayin CD17 Mark 1 vs the Shanling 3000, once the upgrades on the Shanling are complete,,maybe 2 weeks. 
parts are in , just waiting for Richard Gray to find the time.

Honestly I'm guessing the upgraded Shanling is going to edge out the Cayin, but both are built like tanks and both highly musical Digital players. 
Look inside a Lumin streamer or streamer/DAC... Nice Broadcast quality technology... Lets see you build something of this quality... Design, simulation, layout, circuit boards, parts selection, build, software, test and box... Yea, didn’t think so...

And how hard can it be to build a PC today... Case - fans, fanless or liquid cooled, Power Supply, Motherboard with Ethernet and USB, CPU overclocked and/or delided, Memory, Rotating and/or Solid State Disk, Graphics Processor or two and an Operating System... Done...  Or buy a NUC...
Ddude003 you won’t find too many building their own streamers / servers here on Audiogon however there’s technical based audio sites where you’ll find a wealth of information shared on how to by some technically savvy dudes .
"Melvinjames, you’ve got some pretty impressive connections in Tech Support.  I invoked Moses to help me with my streamer but he was busy with the Jewish Holidays...."

Couldn't stop giggling!
I agree, somewhat.

I enjoy using a Roon Nucleus Plus server.  I could have gotta a maxed out Intel NUC and installed the Roon software and probably saved some coin.  But I didn't want to mess with that.  As well, the Roon version of that seems really upgraded, and the USB ports are "dead quiet".  So, I probably did spend more than I could have, building a server myself, but ended up with more time to enjoy the music.