Streamers, servers, players - woefully overpriced??

Look at the insides of these devices. They have very standard parts, power supply may be abit refined but still basic stuff.  All this for questionable SQ benefits.  We are still in the digital domain.  
Dacs and amps are considerably more complex and may justify some higher pricing.

why is streamer area so hyped and overpriced?  All to buy a pretty box?  And I do want improved SQ but it is tough to see it.
Melvinjames, you’ve got some pretty impressive connections in Tech Support.  I invoked Moses to help me with my streamer but he was busy with the Jewish Holidays....
I agree with Thyname further anyone happy with the prices and satisfied with playback performance that’s great . Developing ever better playback performance is passion driven which obviously needs to have incentives like earning money at the same time.

I wouldn’t think about complaining about a $5.00 Starbucks coffee telling the waiter that I can make the same cup of coffee for pennies at home likewise of a great performing digital component you can build one yourself with off the shelf parts if you choose to do so , me no thanks I’ll go the other route .

Impressive for sure. At least SOtM and Metrum will allow you to download and reflash. If SGC even had the OS on the cloud, Jesus R. did not bother to offer it.
All he did is ask where I bought it and what powered supply I was using. When I replied "from them" aid "theirs"  he went silent. Big effin help.
I actually ordered a 7v LPS that hadn't arrived yet. Now I have no use for it.

You want technical support, go to Dominik in Austria or Rob in Holland.
They’ll probably help you get your car started.
How can I improve on a roon nucleus if I do it myself?  Why don’t others sell similar standalone units?  Either DIY or buy a nucleus nothing in between.