Streamers made in America?

I’m having a hard time finding streamers that are made in America. I prefer audio equipment made in the USA. Lumin and AURALiC are Chinese. Aurender is Korean. Hifi Rose is Korean. PS Audio is really stalling on their streamer. Are there any options?


Bricasti literally has a Chinese flag on their homepage. Not the look I’m going for. I think aurender is my best bet. 

@spearl8 - That's only to access the Chinese version of their website. The company is based in the US with all design and manufacturing in the US.

“I want a streamer that has a walnut wood case…”

<lots of replies telling the OP he should get a plastic or metal chassis…>

Anyway, the challenge of made in the USA is tough and I don’t have much else to add.  You could get a Mac Pro, a rare made in the USA computer and run J.River or a made in Japan VAIO laptop and run J.River.  It is easier to find US companies that are assembled overseas.

The Sonos Port is currently made in Malaysia but the heavy lifting of the design and software engineering is in the USA.  

Marantz SACD 30n is made in Japan, but the profits funnel to Masimo, a U.S. company.  There are no balanced outputs on the 30n but it does utilize the algorithms from the SA-10.  Build quality is exceptional given the price point and economies of scale. Both should have pretty good user interfaces.

DTS PlayFi products like the McIntosh MB50 are not quite as nice to use and the MB50 isn’t as high end as other products but it is a good option for assembled in the US.

If “quality” is something you are after and are more flexible about the country, Bryston is great as noted.  Don’t forget about Linn, made in the UK.