Streamers made in America?

I’m having a hard time finding streamers that are made in America. I prefer audio equipment made in the USA. Lumin and AURALiC are Chinese. Aurender is Korean. Hifi Rose is Korean. PS Audio is really stalling on their streamer. Are there any options?


+1 for Small Green Computer.  I have an i5 as well and Andrew offers great support. 

Grace Digital is based in California. Whether or not the products are actually made here, another story. Their phone number is American based, and at least if you call, someone that speaks English answers the phone. I have been using their digital link product for 3 years now, zero issues. It is just a simple streamer that contains a screen, and allows you to connect it to any existing hifi set up. $179 is a bargain, $149-$159 on sale now and then, even better! Can stream the highest resolutions? No, but it at least does CD quality. Good enough for me.

+1 for the products made in the U.S.A. especially Cary Audio. +2 for Aurender made in South Korea. At least they are a representative democracy, so there is that. How much longer will PS Audio stall on theirs? Are they close? Have they given you any feedback?

Audio purchases might indeed be "tiny" in the overall scheme of things, but the invisible hand of Malthus, wherein millions of consumers make purchasing choices can make that "tiny" purchase add up to a "big" economic statement, especially considering the relatively small size of audio companies.