Just picked out gear for our new hifi room and I’m starting my search for a good streamer or streamer/DAC combo.  We have Paradigm Persona 3F speakers, Persona Sub and Anthem STR amp.  I’ve narrowed streamers options down to 3 well-reviewed choices: Aurender, Lumin T3, and Cary Audio DMS-700.  Not sure if I’d go with the Aurender A15 which has the option to just do digital out if I feel the urge upgrade to a better DAC or start with the N200 and either use the Anthem’s DAC or buy a separate unit right off the bat.  Mostly interested in streaming Quboz, don’t care about Roon. The audio room has no realistic way to add an Ethernet port so I’ll need to work around this with a Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge (or comparable solution) if I choose Aurender or Lumin, whereas the DMS-700 has a built-in Wi-Fi option (but a seemingly rudimentary app by comparison to the others).  Any experience with these products is welcome.  Of particular interest would be experiences from other Persona owners and why they chose the streamers/DACs they did but all input is welcome.  Thanks much, this forum has helped immensely in the build thus far. 


Check out the HiFi Rose RS150. It is also Korean and has many features Aurender does not have like a touch screen and a BT remote control for non network play. It includes a fine built-in DAC and Femto clock.

SPDIF out and a fine CD drive available for ripping or listening.

Hey @brewerslaw - Not sure if you saw my post here about the A15 and N200, but you might find it to be useful:


I also responded to your last PM now on how you could use your WAP if you have one in your listening room.

I have used Cary DACs in the past and they are "okay". Not the end in resolution. I worry about suggesting the DMS-700 to anyone regardless of whether the sound quality is good because Cary does not specialize in digital source playback ecosystems, which will result in a less mature/satisfactory user experience.

I am now a very dedicated Aurender fan. I bought my first streamer Aurlic Aries G2 because it had built in wifi and Aurender didn’t. Mistake on my part. My dealer told me to just buy an wall wart wifi extender and plug it in next to the streamer… wow, that was easy. I found my first Aurender way better than the others I owned or auditioned. My Aurender produces vinyl quality sound. You can see my systems. I know of a number of $150K systems running off wall wart Wi-Fi’s with world class sound. 

I have a EtherRegen. I put it in on my main system. I recently took it out. I could detect no difference. I have swapped it in and out… also upgrading the Ethernet from wifi extender to the EtherRen. This actually caused a slight hardening of the treble. I though maybe the newly installed Ethernet cable needed additional breaking… but it was not going away. I finally decided a Cardas Ethernet cable would probably fix it. Then I realized with the $200 cable already on there, adding a $350 cable… I would be paying as much on cables just to stop the EtherRegen from interfering with the sound. That just seems wrong. So I just took it out of the loop.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am suggesting EtherRegen will not help them. I believe the value of fiddling with your network is more valuable the lower the quality of your streamer. I have a flagship Aurender W20SE… and I believe it is very nearly completely isolating it from the network. When I have some time, I’ll put the EtherRegen in my headphone system with my Aurender N100 and hear what it does. 

we are apersona dealer and we sell servers the 432Evos we srll an amazing dac streamer from avik the S180

as per wifi vs ethernet a good wifi to ethernet bridge is your solution

knowing the personas you should look at a very warm sounding dac aor adding a tube preamp most dacs with volume control will not sound as good as a dedicated preamp

the naim nd5 xs is an excellent dac and streamer the naim app is excellent

also the atoll st 200 is really musical dac preamp and streamer 

th bricasti m3is an amazing dac and has a decent volume control

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