I’m shopping for streamers and feel like I have my search narrowed down to 3.  The Auralic Vega G2, Lumin T2 and Esoteric N5.  I’m hoping on someone discussing the strengths of each of these to better guide my decision.   My currents components include an Origin Live turntable, Pathos TT integrated amp and Wilson Benesch Vector speakers.   I wanted it to be a dedicated record setup but flipping records or lifting needles while listening to music isn’t always possible.  
I am a happy and satisfied T2 owner. I stream Qobuz through Roon, that is on a dedicated server. The T2 has many options for shaping the sonics, adding an outboard dac etc. The Lumin app is comprehensive and has a quick learning curve. It's no Roon but awfully good. I would describe the sound as very open and detailed, dynamically robust. The T2 never sounds bright or thin and presents a relaxed and balanced top to bottom sonic presentation...Not forward or laid back. It will give you what recording quality is being processed. I’m really enjoying upsampling to DSD512. If you can do some home demos, you’ll know what to get; and good luck. If you had told me 10 years ago I’d be playing music through a computer, no less streaming I would not have believed it.
Nice system.  Sorry to maybe complicate things, but in your price range I think you should add the Innuos Zenith Mk3 to units to explore.  Best of luck in your search. 
While based on your healthy audio budget, you might want to consider the (top shelf) Rockna
Wave Dream Net that will do what you want and maybe even more than you had considered. 
Look at just getting a digital streamer and a top shelf DAC. SHD Studio with balanced out.  OR Magna Mano Ultra with i2s out.
Into a Denafrips or a DirectStream.
Volimio is free.  Unless you LIKE to hire a permanent guide for finding music.
Spoon by Simaudio MiND 2 player.

10 year warranty, MAQ Roon Ready.

I am updating to the 390
When buying a streamer, make sure you also consider the user interface friendliness as a criteria in your evaluation. Also, some streamers do not support (internal) WiFi access if that's something that is important to you. Good luck with your search.