Streamer vs iPhone

So, I’ve just ordered a Martin Logan Forte without putting much thought into the benefits. My computer/iPad/iPhone and speakers are all in the same room and I’ve simply been playing music off my phone…..what am I going to gain by using the Forte - is it simply a better DAC?


It is like an iPad with the amp attached, and a power cord.

(The DAC is not likely sonically a lot better, as the iPad DAC is pretty good.)

But it would be good to know if you think it sounds better or worse.

Thanks Holmez, bought a Forte then got fired up a bit thinking about audio and I e sprung for a nice Benchmark set-up and I’ll figure out the streaming set-up for that.


Thanks again

I went from using an iPad to an iFi Zen Stream (streamer only) and the improvement was not small. 

Guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to test this - the Forte arrived today but…..can’t fit it in my cases - next trip!


thanks guys