Streamer Value Question Innous vs Bluesound

I am ready to try streaming again after my 1st failed effort.
I had owned the basic Roon streamer. 

I plan to use the Roon with Tidal service but not
the Roon hardware this time around.

I am now comparing the Innuos Zen Mini @ $1,250 v.s. the
Bluesound Vault 2i @ $1,295. 

The better Innuos is about $4,400.
If you add the reclocker and linear power supply to
 the Mini you are also getting closer to $4k.

Now here is my thought: Buy the Vault and plan to find
a DAC upgrade- currently I have an Oppo 205.
This will bring me the better SQ result overall I think.

What have others found?

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Start with a Zen Mini Mklll and upgrade the DAC and power supply as funds allow.  

I have three streamers in different systems and have been able to do direct comparisons of each.  I have the Bluesound Node 2i, and Aurender N100H, and and Auralic Aries G2.  The Aurender is audibly  better than the Node 2i and the G2 is audibly better than the Aurender.  They are priced accordingly as well.  There are other users in these forums who have gone much farther upstream in performance (and price) than I have and report additional gains in performance.  And, having read their various posts on these forums, it would appear there’s general agreement that that the server/streamer is at least as important as the DAC.  Happy shopping and let us know what you decide.
The BlueSound output does not include USB ... which I think many of the better DACs require.  

I have not heard the Zen Mini MkIII, but it has the added value of functioning as the Roon Core. Since you want to use Roon, you could start with it and build from there (without a NUC or other computer for Roon). 
I don't understand what you mean by plan to use roon with Tidal service but not the roon hardware? What basic roon streamer did you have? I didn't know they made a streamer.