Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10

Just got into streaming via a Bluesound Node running Tidal and Qobuz, streaming from an iPad Air via wifi. Very impressed by the simplicity, convenience, incredible choice of music and sound quality. My question is; if I replace the Bluesound Node with an Aurender N10 will there be a noticeable difference in SQ?

Rest of the system is a McIntosh C52 pre amp, MC312 power amp and Magico A5 speakers. I feed the digital optical output from the Bluesound Node to the C52. A/D conversion is done in the C52. If I do upgrade to the Aurender N10, what is the best way to connect the system together? A/D in the Aurender N10 or C52, type of cable connection between the two units etc?


To avoid the wifi issue. Get a cheap wall wart wifi extender and plug next to Aurrender. Connect extender to Aurender via Ethernet. Works wonderfully and sounds great with high quality streamers like the Aurender. Both my systems work that way, I know of a number of $100K+ systems working like this.


Solving this problem was what originally drew me to buy an Aurlic Aries G2. The wifi extender solved the problem allowing me to use Aurender streamers and improve audio performance. My streamer performance is at the level of my analog system.

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Will be interested hear your impressions of the Aurender UI vs BluOS.  I tried the Aurender and returned to the Node 130 (with the PDCreative/SBooster upgrade) to Qutest.  Just didn't love the Aurender UI for the $$ delta...and no option to eventually incorporate Roon.  I'm waiting for the new Innuos streamer and will also upgrade my DAC at that time.  Good luck!!

I recently purchased a Bluesound Node 130. It sounded good out of the box, however after I upgraded it using the PDCreative/SBooster power supply, there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality in my system. I haven't compared this setup to a mega buck unit, but I pretty happy for now. Currently streaming from Amazon Music Hi Res, Lana Del Rey, Norman Fu*king Rockwell. Good stuff. My rig parts are Pass Int60, Spatial Audio M3 Turbo, SVS sub, DH Labs cables, others...