Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10

Just got into streaming via a Bluesound Node running Tidal and Qobuz, streaming from an iPad Air via wifi. Very impressed by the simplicity, convenience, incredible choice of music and sound quality. My question is; if I replace the Bluesound Node with an Aurender N10 will there be a noticeable difference in SQ?

Rest of the system is a McIntosh C52 pre amp, MC312 power amp and Magico A5 speakers. I feed the digital optical output from the Bluesound Node to the C52. A/D conversion is done in the C52. If I do upgrade to the Aurender N10, what is the best way to connect the system together? A/D in the Aurender N10 or C52, type of cable connection between the two units etc?


As someone who did something similar to what you are doing…..

I moved from the bluesound to an outboard DAC with the bluesound, to an Aurender and each time there was a worthwhile improvement. I also agree with @ghdprentice and @oddiofyl . I know how much people like Roon, but I did not like the price, and the software for Aurender is great and is included. It’s better then the bluesound software, which was very good. Just be aware either way you go, you’ll have to get used to the new software. 

Aurender seems to really be on top of fixing issues.   They made a few tweaks recently.   My Android Tab stays connected , seems like they took care of that problem.    I emailed them through the device for another issue and they were super responsive.    

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Vault and I still do.  I can back up the Vault and then move those files over to the Aurender.    The PC interface with the drives is great.    Easy to add content.  Awesome machine.  What’s not to like?   

Many thanks for everyones advice/input. Based on reviews, and your input, I have decided the Aurender N10 has the potential to offer a big upgrade over my Bluesound Node. I am going to look for a used N10.



The OP seems to indicate that he is using AirPlay with the Node.  Does he intend to continue using AirPlay with the Aurender?  If so I suspect he is wasting his money.  If he intends to ditch AirPlay and use the Aurender either with WiFi or Ethernet then I suggest he try doing this with the Node first