Streamer Upgrade

I have a modified Bluesound Node 2i with an upgraded power supply board and Terry Pardo power supply. While I am happy with it, I have the upgrade itch! I'm curious if anyone has upgraded from a modded Bluesound Node and what your thoughts are/were? On the TP website, they claim this upgrade brings "it very close to the level of network streamers costing twice as much" which makes me curious as to how big of a jump others experienced. I'm looking at streamer only as I am not interested in units with onboard DAC's. I currently use Roon with a Mac Mini as my Core. My DAC is the Schiit Gungnir MB. 




@gregjacob so you want to introduce more noise using the USB interface.

pointless for a streamer. Use the AES or a digital cable and noise is a non factor. 


@glennewdick Did you use the Nucleus as your streamer straight into your external DAC, or did you have a ROON endpoint in-between?   Am asking because my experience streaming QOBUZ with ROON using the Nucleus with an IFi Zen Stream as the ROON endpoint provides superior sound quality, user interface and connectivity dependability vs. my previous setups with Bluesound streamers and an Aurender N10.

I use USB between the Bluesound and Gustard and have similar blackness as my CD player. I would never use any other connection as USB is the only one I know that allows the clock of the dac to be used rather than the clock in the streamer. And my Gustard dac is way superior than the Bluesound dac.

Well my Simaudio 680D has the Mind2 module. Only have my CD Transport connected via AES. Blacker than black. Last weekend had a friend over and connected his Lumin U2 Mini and neither of us could hear a difference from the Mind2.

Will keep the Mind2 for now as my plan is to reduce the number of boxes and heat generators. My listening room has a southern exposure and get warm most of the year.