Streamer's without built in DAC options?

What options other than Auralic offer DAC free streamer options? Price up to $5-6k or less.
Would be used with Mola Mola Tambaqui and Roon Nucleus
If you have an inclination to use the system to purchase hi-res audio from various sources or use streaming services beyond Tidal or Qobuz like Deezer or, I'd take a look at Wolf. Best in class audio with huge extensibility, it's easily a top streamer, and then add everything else it does. 
Why not just use a laptop, ipad, android device, or an ipod touch to stream? I don’t get why anyone would pay for a stand alone streamer when you probably already have a multitude of devices that essentially do the same thing already. The quality of the sound will be derived from whatever dac is being used in conjunction with the aforementioned devices. For the apple products, all you would need is a apple usb camera adapter to make the connection to the dac. Personally I use my ipad, seems perfect for this application as a streaming device. A beautiful display that sits comfortably on my lap. Not that I really stream very much, but when I do.....Tidal, I guess considered to be tops is available on apple devices....
LDMS. Amazing piece of kit. You can spec it how you like. Best sounding streamer out there

McIntosh MB 50. Lots of streaming sourceboptions. I run it through my C 48 preamp. Balanced, unbalanced and digital connection options. Under the radar in my opinion. 
One recommendation, whatever you end up with will benefit further by removing the RFI mixed in with the Ethernet signal going into it. Network Acoustics ENO filter works wonders.