Streamer's without built in DAC options?

What options other than Auralic offer DAC free streamer options? Price up to $5-6k or less.
Would be used with Mola Mola Tambaqui and Roon Nucleus
Check out various options from Aurender and you can get rid of Nucleus.  The conductor app offered by Aurender is the best app outside Roon.
What type of streamer do want that works with the Nucleus? The Nucleus is a streamer... what are hoping to accomplish?  The term "streamer" means different things to different people and the capabilities of various streamers varies widely. For instance ......

What type of outputs do you need, just ethernet, spdif, usb or ???
Do you need internal storage, need to attach USB drives, just access NAS?
Does it need to be a Roon core like the Nucleus or will you use the Nucleus for that?

I see your DAC has a full complement of inputs, how do you want to feed it? As a Roon endpoint using ethernet or use the USB or one of the other digital inputs. 

Your question is too vague to answer properly.
herman, Not that vague. Streamer without built in DAC. I mentioned the DAC I'm using now, and that I have a Nucleus.  All the answers but yours have given me options that I can use either added to my current system or with my dac and not need the Nucleus.  Yours is the only answer with no useful information in it??
"Looking for options of a  stand alone streamer (other than Auralic) without onboard dac. Currently using Nucleus and Mola Mola dac."

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Do you want to replace the Nucleus?